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    h0peless Guest

    Felony conviction..expungement?

    Hey I know theres a similar question out here for this topic but I just wanted to know how this charge would affect my circumstances.

    The Bad:
    I was convicted for possession of a stolen credit card when I was 19.
    I'm 22 now about to graduate soon with a degree in business. I've been researching for a while regarding my charge and I think I can expunge it but not too sure... If I can I know I will have to disclose that information when I apply to agencies regardless...

    Bottom line is, I have this desire to serve in law enforcement (in the federal division only though). Do any of you know what I can do to improve my chances on being hired? Volunteer work? Should I just forget about L.E completely and figure out something else? Tell me what you think please. Thanks.

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    BugsVA Guest
    Any felony, you can't carry a firearm. If you can't carry a firearm, you can't preform the duities of a peace officer.

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    You will need to disclose your felony conviction to any federal law enforcement jobs you apply to even if you get the conviction expunged. Firearm ownership/possession is going to be a huge barrier. Can you own/possess a firearm if you have an expunged felony? Every answer I have ever been given is *NO*. Can you own/posses a firearm after your original charge is reduced to a misdemeanor and then expunged? Other's say yes.

    Regardless of the firearm issue... The felony theft conviction will most certainly sink your chances at getting on as a LEO (especially so in a highly competitive market such as federal law enforcement). Even if your record is cleared and an agency is willing to give you a chance (provided you can now own/possess a firearm), I would guess you would need a *LOT* more time than 3 years between your conviction date and current age. My opinion only, ask a recruiter or talk to an attorney about an expungement to get the straight scoop from someone being paid (by you) to represent your best interests...


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    The big thing is you were 19, (an adult) when this happened. As far as expungement, it depends on what state you live in, as each state has different statutes on the meaning of expungement.

    As has been said, you need to talk to a lawyer in the state where you were convicted to get the full scoop.
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    Kelly8280 Guest
    Ditto what everybody's said so far... but why federal LE interest only? I've heard this before and don't get it. There's plenty to be said for what local and state LE's do...why only federal lust?

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    Even if your situation turns out to be a best-case scenario, meaning the conviction is expunged and you can legally possess a firearm, the reality is no law enforcement agency is going to touch you for a very long time.


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    Even if you decide to apply to local LE, you will still have difficulties in obtaining a job. Expunged or not, you'll still have to disclose the arrest during your background.
    Work on getting it expunged, put a lot of time behind your arrest, and then go from there. Better yet, talk to a few recruiters and get some advice from them. Federal, state, and local LE are all very competitive positions. You're talking about a lot more applicants than there are positions and you'll be competing with applicants without any priors on their background.

    Good luck!
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    My friend,
    i work in federal law enforcement and have had an expungement, this was for a misdemeanor conviction. An expungement can be expensive , or you can research law and do it yourself. The key is whether you are allowed to go ahead with an expungement. This has to be granted because it wipes the conviction clean, like it never happened. So, if you want to get expunged begin this immediately to find out if you can proceed with this for a felony. This has to be granted. Second, half the local police department where I live has misdemeanor convictions , so that does not matter. A felony can be a different story like the others said. Depends , on the felony, how long ago it happened, the disqualifiers of each individual department. Unfortunately, so convicitions such as Domestic abuse bar you permanently. You can never carry a firearm. The interesting thing is when i took my polygraph for a local department I discussed this charge of mine even though it is fully expunged, i disclosed the information. I found out the state had no conviction on me, the examiner told me there is no record of this charge. So, mine is totally cleared and expunged. However, I was honest in the fact i was arrested. So, there is no record once expungement takes place, but in LE often the question in the background is have you ever been arrested? So, like the other individual stated you just ask the local dept. about their disqualifications. You can try to contact IA or federal background investigators if you want to know about Federal, but it differs for each agency. I am just repeating what the others advice was-they gave very good advice, you just should not give up on LE, some time may need to pass....
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