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Thread: LAPD background

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    hankido2000 Guest

    LAPD background

    I'm going to start my backgroud with the LAPD in a week, and I was wondering if anyone knows on averge how long it takes and what is included in their background? I worked for a department in my home town of Minneapolis in 1999. Is there much for him/her to do?

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    HK_precop Guest
    Hi there han, I have gone through the whole LAPD process and received my certification letter last week. The process for me took around 6 months because I have lived in multiple places in CA and they had to check up on quite a few things I disclosed. I started my process late Feb. my background investigation seemed to start around mid may. Mine took about 4 months to complete which is about average. There are guys out there that have had to wait a lot longer. It really depends on how complicated your past history is. The B.I. on my case did a pretty thorough job.. the background consists of a background interview first, a preliminary check, then the full investigation which takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months, then a followup. Your name is then submitted to public safety with a recommendation by the B.I. Public Safety then chooses whether to certify you and place you in the hiring pool or disqualify loosely based on the recommendation. Also note that the person that does your background interview will not necessarily do your full background investigation. The process is rather lengthy so be prepared to wait.

    Good luck.

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    hankido2000 Guest
    Thanks for the advice. I was dealing with someone in personnel who had the title of background analyst which was handling my case however, it has changed hands many time since but now I guess I'm dealing with this person I told you about. I'm just wondering why so many people apply and they only hire so few. They all can't have negative stuff on their backgounds. There seems to be some kind of selective hiring going on. I know many people that couldn't make the cut with LAPD and they scored 100 and then only apply for other departments like LASO, Torrance, UCPD, etc to be hired on. Yes, I did hear about people scoring 100 and not getting hired on while some score 70 and get hired on. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Otherwise, I'll apply for Rio Hondo Police Academy myself and hopefully someone will pick me up there.

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    HK_precop Guest
    Interview scores actually don't matter as much due to lack of available applicants. As long as you get a score within the 80s and above I think it's pretty certain you'll be given consideration. As far as the selective issue goes I think it depends on the individual on a case by case basis. They are very touchy about background issues due to previous more lax hiring background checks. Also, i'm not sure if they told you but they do polygraphs now as well. An LA weekly article mentioned around 40% of applicants get DQ'd by the new polygraph testing. I'm sure quite a few get DQ'd by the psych, medical, or background down the road. Also the people that scored 100 on the interview did they complete the whole process or get disqualified or deferred somewhere along the line? It's hard to imagine they wouldn't select them for an academy if they are certified through the process at that point.



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