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    Campus police job out of college

    Hello, I am currently in the process of taking a semester off of school to work full time. I am a sophomore at Missouri State University and will be returning in the fall as a junior after some summer courses. I am interested in pursuing a job as a campus police officer at some point, but do not know if it is better to apply as soon as I turn 21, just having my Associate's and work experience while simultaneously pursuing my degree, or after I have received my bachelor's. I've considered applying to other schools' departments after I get my bachelor's, and work on my master's there. I also was wondering how competitive it is to get into these departments, and whether or not they often have officers that are around college age. Thank you very much for any and all responses! It is very much appreciated!

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    Let me start by saying I have no direct experience as a campus police offier;(some are sworn police officers, others are peace officers, can vary by state). That being said, I see two major issues, both of which you have probably thought of but may bear a closer look.
    1) Tuition: Most colleges have tuition offsets for their employess. Sometimes it is a percentage, sometimes a free ride for a certain number of credits, etc. This can be a huge benefit and definitely a factor in today's economic environment.
    2) College Life: By your post, I am assuming you are young. Beyond grades, your "college experience" can be a fundamental component of your entire education. It can be either a positive component or a negative. You decide. If you choose to work as a campus officer at the same institution you are studying for your undergraduate degree, this will without a doubt alter your college experience. Some will consider you a pariah, others will come looking for favors. It is often a difficult and lonely path for younger officers. There is a reason many municipal officers will not live in the town they serve. Things to consider.
    3) Co-workers: This may not be true with all departments, but my personal observations are that most campus officers are transitional employees. They are either young officers looking to get their foot in the door, or they are retired officers from other depts. looking to keep their hand in the game. Both demographics have a lot to offer, but neither are planning on making the campus PD a career.

    Good Luck with whatever you decide and let us know how it is going.
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