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    Depression/Antidepressants applying for NYPD

    I just took the NYPD exam, which I felt I did excellent on, and now I'm seriously considering this career path. However I have had a history of depression and mood disorder, nothing voilent/suicidal/etc etc, just bad depression. I'm on antidepressants. Will this reflect badly on my other evaluations? I know depression is common with NYPD. I guess what I want to know is given my past, is this not even a feasible option? I've never been hospitalized or anything.

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    Not the job for you. I don't want to knock your ambitions but if you already have a history of depression and mood disorder, stay away.

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    Well I'm totally fine, haven't been depressed in over a year after getting put on the meds, I'm just wondering if I'm looking at almost definite DQ.

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    My cousin was disqualified from NYPD because he admitted to receiving counseling for depression when he was a kid. This was a few years ago so who knows if things have changed some.
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    About 8 years ago I saw someone with a Masters in Social Work (basically a psychologist) for a few sessions because I was bummed about a few things (girlfriend, career, money, the usual). I was put on Psych review until they received the paperwork from the Psychologist. Once they saw that I told them the truth, I was taken off of review and was able to proceed.

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    sorry to hear that pint. Now I'm even more worried... sigh...

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    Go through the process and see what happens. If you don't you'll regret it later...

    Good luck

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    I just hope to God my conviction about being a cop will outweigh my past "emotional" problems during the psych eval.

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    In my opinion, based on experience, DrBurton made an unfounded blanket statement above. To explain:

    Situational depression is rarely an automatic disqualifier. I would consider this largely to be a "crystal ball" question, however:

    ---If you were "depressed" due to the death of a loved one or other traumatic incident and thus put on Zoloft, Paxil, etc. for a reasonable period of time, you need only disclose this and have it verified.

    ---If you are "depressed" continually without a situational reason and can't come off the meds, that may be a more difficult situation.

    Let's not tell people who have been put on Zoloft that they should immediately abandon any hopes of working in LE.


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    Did you contact an NYPD recruiter or BI to find out how they view your matter as far as Q or DQ?

    In the federal system, we obtain a medical release and ask the Dr/MSW, etc, if there are any conditions that would effect the subjects ability, etc.

    Good luck
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