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    NYPD hiring process question

    I'm brand new to this site, and hoping I can get some answers. I took my NYPD exam a few years ago and recently (2 weeks ago) finalized my APD-5 application. As of right now, I'm waiting to hear when my medical will happen. Does anyone know about the entire hiring process? I guess I'm a little nervous and excited. What do they do at the medical exam? I'm in great shape, and don't even touch alcohol. What happens after the medical? I've been hearing horror stories of people going through the entire process and I just want any insight as of what's ahead of me. Have I always been an angel? Not at all, it took many years of growing up and learning the hard way to become a mature adult. I was honest on my forms, and I'm hearing that a lot of people are being DQ for having been on an anti-depressant in their teens. I've never been arrested, in fact, I've never even had a single ticket. I just don't want a psychiatrist trying to intentionally fail me for a decision i made 10 years ago when I was 16. Thanks!

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    Just take a moment and relax, be honest and let it roll. If you fail any portion, you can appeal. This happens all of the time. There is a difficult balance between the dept hiring a certain number of folks as ordered by the Commissioner, and making sure we don't open the doors wide and let everyone in, while at the same time not turning away the right people. - And doing all of this within a certain time frame ordered by the Commissioner.

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