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    Sheri S Guest

    Federal Probation

    Hi All.

    Is there any Federal Probation Officers out there? I'm looking for some info on Federal Probation...Like why is it so rare that an opening comes open..is it so much better than State probation? Is it the benefits?

    I interviewed once for Federal probation, before I had any experience and they said they have virtually zero turnover.

    Does anybody have any suggestions on how to watch for the job openings, besides checking every week to see if there is an opening?


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    stk3104 Guest

    no turnover

    US probation is the only federal law enforcement office that requires NO relocation. Hence people get hired, get comfortable, and stay long periods of time. (i was an intern there for 8 months and learned lots about how they work)

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    NLECTC Guest

    FED Probation officer

    I just took the test for USPO in Washington D.C. yesterday. I have a solid background in community corrections and 2 years as a Deputy Sheriff. I have been applying all over Wash, Maryland and Virginia for over two years and this is the first time I got a call back. I think the benefits, pay and work environment are great. I have spoken with former US Probation Officers who retired after good long careers and they said the same thing. I hear this DC office actually has some turnover, most likely due to the clientel and locations in DC. I have a contact from the Baltimore Office who is keeping me posted on openings there. Their office runs a little differently, but same pay and basic work. I'll keep you all posted and if you learn anything new please e-mail me at bandre@nlectc.org. Thanks

    B. Andre



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