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Thread: Jail Grants?

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    copchic905 Guest

    Jail Grants?

    Does anyone know if there are any Grants avaliable out there that help w/ assisting smaller Countys w/ funding on constructing & costs for jails? Thank you for any help given in advamce.

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    Try the following links:



    Also, many states will offer grants to municipal and county agencies. Look at all types of criminal justice grants, because your department may actually be able to apply for grants that are geared more towards police agencies. Try to find someone in a local police department who has been awarded a number of grants in the past, and get some advice from them.

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    tcsd1236 Guest
    Depending on a lot of factors, the Feds will cough up a lot of dough for construction if you set aside a per centage of the new cells for Federal inmates. A near-by county did that quite well a few years ago.



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