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    FBI: Life at Quantico and Beyond...

    Ok, so I thought I would try to start an enduring thread that answers questions about everything that happens [I]after[I] you are in and have begun training.

    So without further ado, here are my questions:

    1. Uniforms: Do we wear the blue FBI polo shirts with the light khaki 5.11 pants everyday at NAT? If so, do you all suggest buying a few pants ahead of time, or are we given a stipend upon arrival to buy them at the PX? Do they have to be 5.11?

    2. Tactical gear: Does the FBI care what color of personal tactical gear we bring? IE does it have to be black, or is dark green / dark brown acceptable? For example, can I bring dark green Oakley tactical gloves? What about assault rifle slings? Does it matter if it is 2 point versus 1 point, etc? Can we bring forward hand grips for the M4s, ACOGs, etc?

    3. PT Gear: Do we just bring our own shirts/shorts - or do we need to buy specific FBI PT clothes?

    4. Suits: How many should we bring to NAT?

    5. Weekends: Assuming homework is complete, is there any issue with taking our personal vehicle out into town? If there is an extended weekend, can our families come up to visit?

    6. Bureau Cars: Once I am at my FO, do all new special agents receive a bureau car - or just the senior agents?

    7. Locality Pay: While at Quantico, is the Locality Pay based off Virginia or our home of record?

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    Feel free to ask FBI questions in the existing FBI thread. I suggest, however, that you research old threads first. Most of your Quantico questions halve been addresses in detail.

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