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    Dennis Guest

    How hard is it to get into the FBI?

    How tough are they? I have a four year degree, have been at my current employer for seven years (banking industry) will be bilingual in Spanish before I even apply (I'm working on this now), and have a perfect credit history and a fairly clean background (DWI in 1990). I don't know if I stand a chance or their applicants are of a higher quality than what I would have to offer. Thanks

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    To be honest with you who cares how tough it is to get in. You have the bachelors degree which is a requirement. Apply to you local field office. What do you have to lose??

    "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."- Sherlock Holmes

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    Dennis Guest


    I see your point, I just don't want to waste my time. Maybe they're hiring Rhoades Scholars or something.

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    Go ahead and apply! There is no downside the worst they can say is no. The FBI is always looking for the money trail. With your banking background that may help you.

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    justwondering Guest
    All the agencies are a strange mix of super qualified personnel and those who were simply in the right place at the right time.

    Are you super qualified? No. But that doesn't mean you don't stand a chance. I wouldn't quit your day job in reliance of getting the job (nobody's chances are THAT good). But what would it hurt to put in an app?

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    Re: FBI

    Originally posted by Dennis
    I see your point, I just don't want to waste my time.
    I don't think you are looking at this the right way. This is not the gig for you if you are into instant gratification as you will "waste your time" in the process, and then some. Even if they do reject you, BFD, you are in good company as they reject legions of applicants.

    It is hard to get in, but as is often repeated here, 100% of the people who don't apply don't get in. Just do the online app, it doesn't take long and you will know what the deal is.

    Good luck,

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    gophertee Guest
    It all depends what they are looking for? When I was in the academy there was a lady with Retail experience and thats all. Give it a shot!!

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    zyr Guest
    The FBI is the most powerful law enforcement in the world, therefore must have the strictest requirements and is the most competitive. You must realize, this isn't like applying to a local police station. The FBI has a rejection rate of around 98%.

    To qualify for the first phase of recruitment, you must be between the ages of 23-37 and have a Bachelors degree with 3 years of work experience in that related field, and a professional certification in your field (ex. BAR, CPA, CCNP, CCIE, etc.). The FBI is looking for Professionals with majors in Law, Accounting, Computer Science/IT/IS, Physical Science, Foreign Languages, Foreign Counter-intelligence, Counter-terrorism, Engineering, etc. There are 4 Entry Programs: Law, Accounting, Computer Science, and Diversified. For Law, you must have a JD degree from a resident law school and be BAR certified. For Accounting, you must have CPA Certifcation or a 4 year Accounting Degree/Business Degree w/ at least 24 hours of Accounting Curriculum. For Language, which you might qualify for, you would need a BA/BS which already have and complete a Language Profficiency Exam in your selected Language (Spanish). For Computer Science, you need a BS in CompSci/CIS/IT, or any other IT/Computer Related Field an certification in CCNP and/or CCIE. Another program you might want to explore is the Diversified program, which requires a BA/BS in any field, plus 3 years work experience, or a masters degree or higher with 2 years of work experience. Prior Military Active Duty status, Veterans Preference, Governtment Experience, Volunteer work, Extra-curricular activities, etc. help weed you through the selection process.

    After you meet the previous requirements, you will be expected to pass a written test, testing your analysis skills, math skills, critical thinking skills, etc. Not only will you be expected to pass it, you must practically ace it to be called back for an interview. You undergo a full background investigation, urinalysis, and polygraph test. Expect to be asked very personal, embarrassing questions about your life experiences, relationships, and possibly sexual questions. You will be interviewed by a panel of 3-5 Special Agents from your Local FIeld Office, to check your communication skills, intelligence, and to get a general feel for you, to see if you have what it takes to be a Special Agent Trainee (SAT). Also, having credit blemishes and prior charges and convictions will seriously hurt your chances of being considered (for instance Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)). As a Federal Agent you are expected to show Class, Professionalism, and never embarras the Bureau. DWI shows a lack of respect for the law, lack of respect for human life, lack of self control, and poor judgement.

    Furthermore, to be considered for Special Agent Training, you must be in excellent physical condition. You are rated on a scale of 30 points for your physical performance. You need 24 points to qualify.

    Men's Physical Fitness Test:

    Pulls up - No. Completed Pts.
    1 1
    2 2
    3 3
    4 4
    5 5

    Push-ups - No. Completed Pts.
    15 1
    20 2
    25 3
    30 4
    35 5

    Sit-ups - No. Completed Pts.
    30 1
    35 2
    40 3
    45 4
    50 5

    120-yard shuttle run (run as fast as you can, and try to stay alive.. usually this is done thru a simulated street filled with all kinds of dangerous situations)
    Time: No. Pts.
    29 sec+ 1
    27-28.9 2
    25-26.9 3
    22-24.9 4
    < 22 sec 5

    2 Mile Run
    Time: No. Pts.
    18:31-19:00 5
    18:01-18:30 6
    17:31-18:00 7
    17:01-17:30 8
    16:33-17:00 9
    < 16:30 10

    Total Possible: 30
    Total Qualifying: 24

    Dennis, you must also realize that some people have trained for this since they were 5. Recruiting is very selective. They go on hiring freezes for years. Since the events of 9/11 and the re-organization of the FBI, the Bureau is now hiring 900 new agents. This is wonderful news, however, over 47,000 QUALIFIED Professionals have applied. If you do get in, that's awesome brother, you'd have somethign to be very proud of, that you beat out 46,101 other people for the job. To all those IT Professionals out there, apply!! If you haven't already known, the FBI Cyber-Crime Division is struggling and their lacking Qualified Computer Professionals. If this interests you, visit www.cybercrime.com and www.techtv.com and search the news for All, for FBI and read more about it.

    For more information reguarding this topic, visit: www.fbijobs.com, or www.fbi.gov

    Salary Info: Special Agent GS 11-13(Around $53,743 - $58,335/ annualy.) The scale goes up with promotions, which agents usually get every 2 years.

    More to consider: "Due to the high volume of response being received, the FBI will only accept Special Agent applications for the first seven(7) days of each month. In order for your application to be reviewed, it must be submitted by 11:59 pm CTS on the 7th day of each month." - fbijobs.com This will continue until the 900 jobs are filled, which Director Mueller claimed, they will have no problem filling the positions with the current applicants.

    I hope this helps you Dennis, and good luck in your application. I didn't write this to discourage you. I believe, I am the only one that fully addressed your question. But they are right, you have nothing to lose, unless you have committed a serious crime, you haven't already served.

    If you can't get into the FBI, don't stop there. The Secret Service is hiring Special Agents, and it's much easier to get into. Also the IRS hires Criminal Investigators/Special Agents and has a Criminal Task Force, as well as the DEA, ATF, US Treasury, DSS, and US Marshalls.

    - Ben

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    Dennis Guest
    Thank you for your lenghty and thorough reply. I know its a dumb question but I just wanted to get a feel for how competitvie it is. I am 100% confident that I would get 30 out of 30 points on that physical fitness test. My only redemption on the DWI is that is was 12 years ago when I was 19 (oops I was underage also). It sounds as if they have plenty of applicants. You say the Secret Service is hiring? What other fed agencies are currently hiring besides the FAA, Federal Air Marshall position? I applied for that 9 months and haven't heard anything. Thanks again.


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    Birch Guest

    Quite the first post.

    Anyways, I applied in late June. Is my app not processed because it wasn't the first 7 days of the month? Ack. I still haven't heard anything from them, nor did I see the warning about WHEN to apply.

    Anybody else miss this???

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    If you are geared towards a career at the federal level, dont limit yourself to just the FBI. I've been in LE and working in the Wash DC area for a couple years now and have been in contact and even worked with several federal agencies. I'm not one to bite my tongue so I for one do not consider the FBI to be the best. One of the best agencies I've ever been around down here is the ATF and US Marshals. The ATF helped us clean up an entire street down here, taking alot of guns off the street w/ arrests. US Marshals(the ones driving around this city in the middle of the night stalking fugitives)are just plain ole bad asses. They impress the hell out of me. The FBI served a warrant in my beat awhile back. They made an arrest and confiscated some stuff but the only thing is they forgot to take the confiscated guns with them. They left the area and just left the guns laying there. We had to recover that crap. I think someone on there end did get in trouble for that. I know it was an isolated incident but it was just funny to us.

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    Sorry to disagree Joe, but according to FBI Press Release #216 from 7/12/02, the FBI is "law enforcement at its best." And according to FBI PR #117 from 7/21/02, the FBI is "the elite of federal law enforcement." If you need more proof, just refer to the FBI Press Release Archives, located at www.fbi.constantlyspinningpropagandamachine.gov.

    (Note: just kidding)

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    Every other agency sort of specializes and are the best at what they do, just like the FBI who sort of generalize. It all depends on what you want to be the best at?
    BPA to IRS-CI

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    You dont have to be sorry. I'm not saying any one particular agency is the best. Also, I think its really impossible to point the finger at one particular agency/dept and label them as being the best. Nor do I think thats proper. LE is one big family and everyone is on the same team. When you look at the big picture, what does THE BEST mean anyway?? I agree w/ BRA260 1000 percent.

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    zyr Guest

    Smile Clarification

    I just wanted to reiterate that in my opening statements, I did not mention the FBI to be the "best" LEA but the most powerful. Throughout my research, I found the FBI referred to as "the most powerful ... in the world" by former/current bureau employees, investigative reporters/authors (who also happen to shadow other premier govt. agencies), and general web documents. From the comments of an FBI spokesman from the LA Field Office on KFI AM 640, both yesterday and today, I gather that they are far from it. But hey, nobody is perfect, and making such reforms so fast, will be hard for any agency, especially one under millions of pages of political bullshit, hinduring their ability to act as fast and effective as they desire. If your a computer person, I strongly suggest applying to the FBI, they are in desperate need of some technical support. From what it sounds like, except for the select few InfoSec folks, few agents know how to check e-mail, let alone turn on a computer. That may just be your ticket in there, who knows

    Dennis, you can find a lot of info. on the agencies I listed, and their hiring status, if you just put your investigative skills to good use .



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