Hello, I am new here but I have been reading posts for the past few months and I've read some great stuff on here!

I applied for the U.S. Customs exam back in June. Everything has gone by quickly;
I received a tentative selection, finished my Eqip, medical and passed the PFT1 about a month ago.
My VBT & Si was last week and I received the results yesterday.

The letter said I was eligible on the VBT but I was found ineligible for the SI...
I don't know what I did wrong and the only thing I can think of is my lack of overall work experience.

Does anyone know if you're allowed to retake the VBT/SI???

I e-mailed the Human Resource assistant who was in contact with me during the E-qip process for some feedback.
She gave me a # to the Oral Board/Video based test department. (Which I will call tomorrow)

12 months is quiet a bit of time just to "try again" so I am considering joining the National Guard to add on my resume for the next application. However my career goal is to be a federal agent!

Help me on my journey with some advice, what do I need to work on? please!

I want to be of service for my country and provide for my family.
( I want to pay for momma's mortgage, Its been 22 years of support and now its my turn to give back

Thanks for reading!