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    NYC03 Guest

    DD214 Member 4 Copy Needed

    In order to wrap up my backround investigation for the NYPD I need the member 4 copy of my DD214 from the Navy. It seems I have member 8,7, (they all look the same) and another but not 4. So I decided to send away for it with a company that goes write to the records bureau and gets a copy in 10 days. Well it came within 10 days but not member 4!! One hundred nineteen dollars later they sent me member copy 2 and I wrote everywhere Member 4 . It does have a raised seal and I'm hoping they will take it, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a hold of this Member 4 copy. I don't know if I ever received one. Does it differ in any way from the others?


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    FLdeputy Guest
    The reason they want #4 is because that is the copy that shows your character of service, which needs to be honorable for most LE jobs.

    It also shows type of seperation, seperation code, reentry code, your initials, etc.


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    NYC03 Guest
    All of the others including the one I got today(2) Have all of that: Character of discharge, seperation code, Reentry code, and I initialed all at the bottom back in 1990, I did my Inactive reserve time and in 93 they sent me my Honorable Discharge certificate a pin and release from reserve obligation along with the copies of my DD214 I have now. The BI already has copies of those but they want the 4 for some reason, and today they send me 2. I'm pretty frustrated to say the least. Maybe they will take this since it has the records center raised seal. I have another request in the slow way but that could take months. Just when you think you have covered all basis#@!%.

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    Striker Guest


    If you didn't submit a copy to your courthouse then check out this link www.va.gov/customer/dd214.asp . It gives a lot of good information on how to go about getting a copy of your DD214. Good luck.

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    NYC03 Guest
    Thanks Striker

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    gonnabenypd Guest
    you can get a copy of your dd214 straight from the government free of charge and it will be your member 4 copy. Look at the paperwork the nypd gave you for the background investigation. On the military information request form it should have a list of addresses for each type of military branch ie...usmc,army,navy. Send a letter to them requesting the dd214. You need to provide your ss# and dates of service and they will send it to you. There is a form letter on the web.....you can search for it under dd-214 request forms. Should be fairly easy to get and free.

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    NYC03 Guest
    Thanks gonnabe,

    I have a request out to the National Records center I put out a few weeks ago where I filled out the form you are refering too. I hope they come through but the only problem is it takes several months. I was wondering if there was a quicker way, at least the BI has other copies until I can get the Member 4. Some advice about these "get it quick" services buyer beware they sent me the wrong form I requested and it is a really bad copy. $119.00 later ,oh well live and learn, On the bright side I do have a number of months to get the right copy.

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    My suggestion is this....Once you get your copy of it, take it to your local courthouse and registar it with the recorder of deeds. They will keep a certified copy on file and you can get copies that are noterized whenever you need one.
    I do it all the time....and it works out great. Missouri doesn't care for the service....not sure but would assume that NY wouldn't either...

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    It's the usual custom that personnel receive copies 1 & 4 of the DD214. The copy 4 as mentioned, describes the character of service, SPN code and other data. Since you have a "sealed" copy, it should suffice, provided it has the information that copy 4 would have.

    You can obtain a copy free of charge from the records department of the specific service. Yes, it does take some considerable time to receive it and on occasion, the request falls through the cracks. Though it's a good idea to have a copy filed with the local courthouse, remember that it's a matter of public record and anyone can obtain the information. It's very easy for someone to get your 214 and then have everything they need to assume your identity. Not that you should become paranoid, just aware that as easy as it is for you to have the information filed, it's just as easy for someone else to obtain it!

    It's a shame that you paid an outrageous fee to someone to get you something you could have gotten free of charge. More outrageous is that you didn't get what it was you wanted!

    Have a great day!

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    Not sure what State you are from, but in Missouri, that can't happen.
    To get access to the copy of your 214, you have to show ID everytime you ask for it. My hometown is small enough that I don't have to worry about it and have had my Mom go get a copy for me. The Clerk has stated several times that she would never give out a copy to someone other than the owner.....but that's Missouri.....

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    Richbrew77 Guest
    you can also call 800-827-1000




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