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    Interservice transfers/intelligence officer programs

    I'm an enlisted Marine in the intelligence field and have a bachelors in International Relations. I've got about 7 years TIS with 3 years remaining on my current contract. I want to become an officer, however I do not want to be an officer in the Marines. The Marine Corps will not guarantee that I will remain in the intelligence field and with the way MOS selection works after OCS, I could very well graduate top of my class and still end up as a supply officer. Not taking that risk. So basically the Marine Corps isn't an option as far as i'm concerned.

    I've e-mailed prior service recruiters and officer recruiters from various other branches and haven't received replies. Calling isn't an option because i'm in a remote area of Afghanistan with limited access to unclass phones. So here are my questions.

    The Navy's direct commissioning program for intelligence officers is very attractive to me, however I believe it is for the reserves only? Does the Navy or any other service have anything similar direct commissioning programs for active duty intelligence?

    There is virtually no information available or any orders I could find regarding active duty enlisted Marines applying for officer programs with time remaining on their contracts in other branches. I know that I can't transfer to another branch as enlisted, however warrant officer and officer programs will allow me to conduct an inter-service transfer.


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    Check out the U.S. Coast Guard's direct commission program for Intelligence Officers . . . you may very well qualify based on what you've written here and it would meet the needs you've identified. Good luck and Semper Fi.




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