A British friend in the security field in Asia forwarded the attached information to me. Â* I've not run into these shells so can't vouch for the validity of the claims; but, if it performs as indicated, I wouldn't want to have it fired at me.
Stay safe!!

SUMMARY: The following intelligence was provided by several sources and surrounds a number of manufactured shotgun shells that could pose a threat to law enforcement. The most dangerous is called the "Dragon's Breath." The subsequent report reveals the dangers of the Dragon's Breath shotgun shell reported by INS District Dallas, TX:

As reported by the INS District Dallas, TX, there is a 12-gauge shotgun round on the market called Dragon's Breath. Law enforcement officers responded to a scene where a parolee with a shotgun was holding a hostage. The officers were able to get the offender to relinquish the weapon and free the hostage. They found a box of shotgun shells called Dragon's Breath, which were also loaded in the weapon.

A test of the round using a standard police-issue Remington 12-gauge shotgun was performed. When fired, the compounds in the rounds react together and incendiary metal particles reaching 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit are propelled 90 to 110 yards (82 to 100 meters) downrange. The blast is immense, burning all organic matter in its path and temporarily creating a whiteout effect at night. A Styrofoam mannequin fitted with a bulletproof vest was positioned approximately 10 yards (9 meters) downrange. When the ammunition was discharged, a combination of sparks and flames ejected from the barrel of the shotgun toward the mannequin, which exploded on impact. The explosion sent a large amount of flames and sparks 20 to 30 feet (6 to 9 meters) into the air, set the vest on fire and caused severe damage and deformation to the vest's strike plate.

The Security Group contacted ATF, which provided the following additional information: Here's some good to know info about the Dragon Breath 12-gauge shotgun shell. It is listed as normal ammunition under Federal Law and is therefore not regulated. The shell itself turns a shotgun into a flame-thrower. When fired, an incredible fireball blasts about 100 yards from the shotgun, igniting everything in its path. It is manufactured by the BombBlast company in Georgia and APA
Inc and Planet Ammo LLC in South Carolina. All three companies are associated with each other.

A review of Internet Web Site http://cobraysbad.freeyellow.com/DRAGONSBREATHorder.html, revealed when fired, the Dragon's Breath compounds react together and burning metals are thrust down range 90 to 110 yards. The blast is tremendous. At night you'll experience a temporary whiteout effect!

During the Vietnam era, the military had developed a similar round for psychological warfare. However, the round burned all organic matter in its' path and was removed from use as being too inhumane for combat use. Although there have been other companies attempting to manufacture a product similar to Dragon's Breath, the formula has always been proprietary.

A review of Internet Web Site www.public.iastate.edu/~bocaj/raygun/ammo/shotgun/dragonbt.html revealed these loads consist of packets of magnesium and phosphorous, elements which burn very energetically at high temperatures. When a Dragon's Breath shell goes off, it spits out a tongue of flame to a range of approximately 15 meters (50 feet). This flame lasts for approximately three seconds.

Dragon's Breath rounds do inflict a certain amount of damage to the barrel of any weapon, which fires them. It is also not recommended for use with semi-automatic shotguns for the obvious reason that the shell could be ejected after initial ignition, leaving it free to spin at the firer's feet, possibly injuring the firer or other non-combatants. This could also damage the gas system used to cycle ammunition in most semi-automatic shotguns.