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    mr. mac Guest

    heat rashes f/ wearing vest

    Anybody get these annoying heat rashes on your chest & sides brought on from wearing your bullet proof vest? I seem to ge them nightly and now wear a polyester shirt under a cotton shirt under my vest. That's 2 shirts which sucks esp when it's 90 degrees out. Even then, I still get rashes just not as bad. Anybody got a better solution?

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    I've seen shirts advertised in police type magazine for shirts that look like mesh and are supposed to wisk away perspiration. This may help. They are somewhat expensive but if it solves your problem, it may be worth the price.

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    Those high priced shirts in my opinion are a complete waste of money. In the over eight years I have been a cop and wearing a lovely vest, the best thing I have found to have under my vest is a regular short sleeve t-shirt. Go to Wal-Mart and get a bunch of the thicker t-shirts made by hanes or fruit of the loom. DO NOT spend a penny on a bunch of those "five in a pack for $5" super thin pseudo shirts you see always on sale. Hanes (beefy-t is the name on the inside tag) are the best 'thicker' shirts IMHO. They absorb the sweat and prevent the rashes you are speaking of (and the collars don't stretch out of shape so quickly). We get alot of hot humid days in Missouri, so I can honestly say I have been there and done that. Each shirt set me back $3-5. Actually they were on sale not long ago for $3.77 at wal-mart for the fruit of the loom. And I have seen some hanes beefy-t shirts at sam's club for around $5. I call them my vest shirts because each one is strictly for wearing under my vest and is good for one use before washing. The only down side is that the collar starts to stretch out of shape after a year or so (I like a tight collar / looks more professional). Once it's worn out I use it as a car polishing rag...
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    mr. mac Guest
    Thanks for the replies. I've heard those police shirts were expensive and weren't anything different than what you'd find at REI or any other sporting store. I'll try getting a thicker shirt. People at my dept look at me like I'm crazy when I ask them about it. I guess they already wear the thicker shirts. Thanks again.

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    Erik Guest
    As with much in life mileage varies.

    I like the synthetic tee shirts, and find they make a difference.

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    I have to agree with modareguy on this one. There aren't too many places worse than Memphis in the summer, and thick cotton t-shirts worked best for me. If you are rashing up badly, then putting on a little Gold Bond powder when you suit-up may help some as well.

    The only other thing besides cotton t-shirts that worked for me were Underarmour t-shirts. You can pick them up at most sports stores for about $20. They definitely work as advertised by pulling away the sweat from your body, keeping you drier and cooler. However, I didn't use them much because they are slick, and my vest would always slide up around my neck. I always felt like I was being choked out or something. Some guys swear by them though.

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    I actually had the same problems when I first started. I used plenty of baby powder or Gold Bond powder around the affected areas and it seemed to help. It got so irritating that I also took a trip to the Doc who prescribed me a lotion that relieved the itch. Also, try loosening your vest a little to allow your skin to breathe. I haven’t had any problems since…..

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    Keep your vest carriers clean. rotate them often, daily if you are soaking them with sweat. Make sure you wipe the panels down with a disinfectant type cleaner when you swap out carriers. Also, switching the detergent or fabric softener that you are using may have an effect.

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