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    Minotaur Guest

    Question NYPD Leather Jackets?

    I've seen NYPD Highway Patrol and mounted units wearing leather jackets, but no one other than these specialized divisions.

    Are leather jackets not otherwise permitted? I was in Chicago in February of 02 and I saw all cops on patrol wearing leather jackets. Did the PC police that want a kinder, gentler NYPD feel that the leather jackets intimidated the hoodlums too much?


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    three quarters Guest
    Leather jackets were phased out around 1981. They were the same as the Chicago jackets. Check out old Kojak reruns. Once in awile you`ll see them.

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    Minotaur Guest
    Thanks for the reply. I have some old photos of my late uncle in uniform in the early the 1970s, but he was wearing that coat with the brass buttons down the front.

    Too bad they phased out leather jackets, but it's a good thing they phased out those side burns.


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    three quarters Guest
    They were called RMP jackets. You could only wear them if you were in a sector car. Otherwise you had to wear the "Horseblanket" and later the Reefer coat. Those were a bitch on a footpost. If they got wet, they weighed a ton. Later on before they were phased out they were allowed on footposts but weren`t that warm. They`re collectors items now.

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    i remember hearing they were phased out because they had to much of a nazi look for the "kindler and gentler nypd"...who knows though...leathers too heavy....im glad i dont wear it on patrol...my belt is enough...

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    If you think not wearing a leather jacket because it's not p.c. is bad, you guys should see Milwaukee PD! They aren't allowed to carry 2 sets of handcuffs on their belts. If they do, I've heard they get suspended for 3 days (although I can't confirm this). They aren't allowed to do consent searches, as that leads to racial profiling. In the county jail, the sheriff's dept. has a policy that any sworn personnel dropping off or picking up inmates have to remove their entire duty belt, because it "intimidates the inmates"!!!!! Something is just wrong when it gets that bad.


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    Are the NYPD versions of the leather jackets the trench coat version like what Philly PD wears?
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    three quarters Guest
    Originally posted by CustomsCop
    Are the NYPD versions of the leather jackets the trench coat version like what Philly PD wears?
    I think they`re made by the same manufacturer. Mounted wears them too. Years ago there were 2, the one used now was for the car and a longer one was for the wheels. I have the shorter one but don`t wear it much and I haven`t seen the long one in years.



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