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    loveprowler2000 Guest

    Non-Scheduled, Non-Controlled Prescription Drug Use?

    A family member once gave me a prescription drug - ultrum to alleviate pain. It is a non-scheduled, non-controlled substance, but it does require a prescription.

    I intend to apply with the FBI to be a special agent. Does this experience preclude me from the hiring process? This experience happened 4 years ago, but I want to make sure I am forth-coming with all information.

    What are your thoughts and/or advice.


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    If it requires a prescription then it is controlled if not then you would be able to buy them over the counter. I am not that familiar with the schedule of drugs but I am sure that the drug you mentioned is somewhere on them. As for your question I do not think that the one time use of a prescription drug will effect your application as long as you disclose the info.

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    loveprowler2000 Guest

    Drug Status Per DEA


    The medication listed in my original post is spelled "ultram." I mispelled it in my original message.

    "Ultram" is not listed as a scheduled substance by the DEA and FDA. It does require a prescription however.

    My specific question: Is this medication considered an illegal drug considering it is not a scheduled substance?

    I ask this question because the FBI application form contains an employment disqualification checklist where the question, "Have you ever taken an illegal drug?", is asked. I really just want clarification as to whether or not a non-scheduled prescription drug forces me to answer yes to this question. There is no room to elaborate further as it's a Yes/No question.

    I'm really worried about this and I'm not sure if I need to be. Any advice and/or info. (good or bad) is greatly appreciated.


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    Chirs it is not illegal if you had a perscription for it. Ultram is a mild non-opiate pain medicine thus it is not on the same schedule at such drugs as Vicodin or Oxycotin. Those drugs are LEGAL as well as long as you have a perscription for it. Now as far as your app goes, I would be upfront with the fact that you took your mom's pain reliever one day.

    Good luck,
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