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  1. 22 stowaways nabbed in Seattle
  2. Colorado becomes first state with senior Amber Alert
  3. Maryland students riot following NCAA win
  4. DA hits police officer (AKA the eroding respect for law enforcement)
  5. House Will Vote On Praising Capitol Police
  6. Mobs set fires in Brooklyn
  7. DHS spokesman arrested in child sex sting
  8. County Seargent Fakes Shooting
  9. 2007 federal pay raise
  10. Report Sees Confusion Likely in a Sea Attack by Terrorists
  11. Minutemen Reopen Border Control Effort
  12. Block E Shooting leaves one dead
  13. AUSA and DSS Agent Indicted
  14. Expert from L.A. police teaches Marines about roadside bombs
  15. ICE and CBP Arrest 12 For Unlicensed Money Remitting Business That Moved $5m to Yemen
  16. In race with police cruiser, Lamborghini tanks
  17. Former Dea Agent Pleads Guilty To Making False Statements To Federal Investigators
  18. Member of congress punches police officer.
  19. CBP Officers Nab 18 Fugitives at Two Ports Over the Weekend
  20. Former USCS Special Agent Pleads Guilty to Bribery and Other Charges
  21. Spanish Media Organized Nationwide Mass Protests
  22. Customs officer takes her life after transfer denied
  23. Plans call for Border Patrol checkpoints to become permanent
  24. sometimes I just shake my head and sigh
  25. Government investigators smuggled radioactive materials into U.S.
  26. Senate Panel Approves Immigration Bill
  27. Feds Crack Philadelphia Drug Ring
  28. Police Finding It Hard to Fill Jobs
  29. Two Deputies Possibly Poisoned with Meth
  30. Mother Sues CBP Officer
  31. Homeland Security to Soon Help Brazil
  32. LAPD Suing Former Officers
  33. Northern Border Air Wings?
  34. NOPD Officers Cleared of Looting Charges
  35. ICE IEA Arrested for Extortion/Bribery
  36. High Court Debates Whether Statements To Officers At Crime Scenes Count As Evidence
  37. NYPD to hire 1,200 in first major expansion since 1993
  38. Airport Screeners Fail Bomb Test
  39. Deputy Sentenced for Shooting Handcuffed Suspect
  40. Immigration Officer brandishes weapon at 10yr old
  41. ICE / CBP merger still on life support?
  42. ICE multi-agency operation in Boston
  43. McManus hired as new police chief in San Antonio
  44. CBP Officers $4M heroin bust at JFK
  45. Photo cop hits red light
  46. 26 arrests cripple resurgent St. Paul gang
  47. Pierz Mn Police Chief Written Up....
  48. 29-44 Years For Shooting at Deputies' Homes
  49. Good DHS article
  50. With bare hands, hero grabbed gun to save fellow cops
  51. Computers
  52. For Muslim Who Says Violence Destroys Islam, Violent Threats
  53. Treasury Reaches Into TSP to Help Pay National Debt
  54. 2 BPA'S Convicted in On-Duty Shooting Case
  55. 2 NYPD Officers and Operators of a Brothel Charged in Bribery Scheme
  56. Plainclothes in bars - DUI enforcement
  57. Border Patrol Officers arrested for taking bribes
  58. Pulled over for GOOD DRIVING...
  59. Middle School Melee
  60. U.S. Cellular disconnects its 911 new-phone contract plan
  61. Dea agent indicted in Atlanta
  62. Students say church arsons meant as ‘a joke’
  63. Deputy Faces Charges in Airman's Shooting
  64. Patriot Act Includes Crackdown on Meth Use
  65. Indiana Officer Denied Shift Change To Spend Time With Ailing Wife
  66. U.S. Capitol Chief Resigns After Charges Of Nepotism
  67. Bush budget faulted in drug-war setback
  68. A "Classic" now a crime.
  69. Honolulu City settles pay suit for $30 million to HPD and HFD
  70. Canada says Sikh students can carry daggers
  71. Interesting Story
  72. strange, very strange
  73. Chertoff's Days Numbered?
  74. Ironic, isn't it? :D.C. Man Found Guilty of Raping Another Convicted Sex Offender
  75. Video Captures Officer Being Stunned With Taser Gun
  76. Cop Killer Parole after 4 yrs!
  77. Taliban spokesman joins Yale
  78. Honoring a Man Who Supported Killing Police Officers
  79. DIA Chief Cites Surging Violence in Afghanistan
  80. Nice!!
  81. U.S. Settles With 9/11 Detainee
  82. Woodbury police to try double duty as firefighters
  83. Dental care and the compassionate sheriff.
  84. Leftists promise to overthrow US.Gov March 15 LOL
  85. CBP Officials shoot and kill teen
  86. Suit Filed in NYPD Friendly Fire Incident
  87. Congress Told of ATF Seizures, Threats to Gun Buyers
  88. FBI Agent Involved In Brooklyn Shooting
  89. Suspect in Deputy's Slaying Is Arrested
  90. Gunman Gets 60 Years In Prison For Killing Special Agent
  91. Driving tip: Don't honk at the cops
  92. Shoot to hurt, pol urges cops
  93. FLEO compensations-no go?
  94. Man allegedly killed roommate over toilet paper
  95. Weed and weep! Wash. state’s dubious record
  96. Lieberman: Dissolve, then rebuild FEMA
  97. U.S. travel industry pushes for bigger welcome mat
  98. Testimony on 2 Air Marshals Hints at Wider Drug Inquiry
  99. "Able Danger"
  100. More dangerous drugs off our shores!!
  101. Nice job CBP!
  102. Thoughts and prayers for the SWAT guys
  103. Call it food (stamp) fight on cop pay
  104. ATF dog dies on duty in Houston
  105. Excellent series of Meth articles
  106. 'Hulk' Lou Ferrigno now a sheriff's deputy
  107. Frist Calls for Delay to U.S. Port Deal
  108. Man arrested with 1 million kiddie porn pictures
  109. Department of Justice FY 2007 Budget Request
  110. 2 Air Marshals Accused of Drug Smuggling
  111. Rookies are N.Y.'s poorest
  112. When it rains............
  113. Customs agents shoot, kill man at border
  114. 20 injured in chase near U.S.-Mexico border
  115. NOT good....
  116. Violence jumps on US-Mexican border
  117. NYPD Adds Dodge Muscle Car to Its Fleet
  118. 10-year-old boy gave out Ecstasy pills on bus
  119. Reno parole officer shoots offender
  120. Columbus Ohio Police Dispatchers Short staffed and Very Over Worked
  121. Sex-harass suspension of 1st grader stirs debate
  122. Anoka police dog enters canine Hall of Fame
  123. Mexican incursions inflame border situation (NEW)
  124. Paper to run "Holocaust cartoons"
  125. Man allegedly offers to sell cocaine to uniformed officer in marked car
  126. Bush calls for 2.2 percent pay raise in 2007
  127. ATF Director Is Linked to Cost Overruns For New Building
  128. Robbery at LA supermarket: bad guy not so lucky
  129. NASA's Inspector General Probed...
  130. 3 inmates shot inside top-security wing of jail
  131. Gatling guns guard Calif. nuclear lab
  132. Feds find weapons cache near Mexican border
  133. Muslims threaten to kill people b/c of cartoons.
  134. BoP Employees Arrested in Cellphone-Smuggling Case
  135. NASA IG Under Investigation
  136. Heroin Traffickers Used Puppies to Smuggle Drugs
  137. Home video appears to show deputy shoot man who obeyed commands
  138. Experts: Criminals picking up tips from television crime shows
  139. Seven dead in California postal shooting
  140. $400 Lap Dance Trips Up Counterfeiting Ring
  141. President's Intention to Nominate
  142. 49 Arrested in Internet Child-Molesting Sting (including DHS agent)
  143. Target takes on Police work
  144. Cop shoots cop at burger joint
  145. Customs - The Irish Mafia?
  146. Illegal Exports to China (Again)
  147. Evans found guilty of killing Sgt. Vick
  148. DEA/ICE Uncover "Massive" Cross-Border Drug Tunnel
  149. Man Arrested In Plot To Murder DEA Agent
  150. SWAT Tactics Called Into Question in Fairfax County, VA
  151. Report: Pentagon plans anti-WMD team
  152. Va. Lawmaker's Gun Discharges in Office
  153. Small town WI p.d. breaks up huge burglary ring
  154. Tons of pot found in sophisticated cross-border tunnel
  155. Drunken Driving Case Stirs Missouri Police After Officer Loses Legs In Accident
  156. NYC Hiring Law Enforcement At Child Welfare
  157. New Jersey Police Take Heat For Escalating Salaries
  158. Maryland Correctional Officer Shot In Head By Hospital Inmate
  159. Grand Jury to Probe New Orleans Police
  160. Illegal Aliens, Driver's License Fraud
  161. Navy charges sailor with murdering, burying Marine in N.C.
  162. Mexico gives migrants road map to U.S.
  163. Murder suspects arrested at Blaine border crossing
  164. Purse goes bang, blows its secret
  165. FBI: Border face-off involved men in Mexican Army uniforms
  166. Illegal Immigrant Charged in the Slaying of Two Young Boys
  167. Potent Mexican Meth Floods In as States Curb Domestic Variety
  168. '07 Shaping Up as Lean Budget
  169. DHS & Nazi's???
  170. Uzi maniac shot by NYPD cops
  171. Ohio officer says Jordanian tried to recruit him for terrorist cause
  172. 60 Illegals Released from Custody
  173. Justice Souters D-day is Feb. 4
  174. Police pursuits must follow rules to keep suit immunity
  175. Saint Paul Officer awarded highest honor
  176. 11 Indicted on Domestic Terrorism charges
  177. Bin Laden Warns of Attacks
  178. Border-Crossing Cards May Become National ID
  179. Medal for Minneapolis cop renews anguish
  180. CBP recovers Vette stolen 37 years ago
  181. Pentagon Scaling Back Initial Pay Banding
  182. FBI Missed Internal Signs of Espionage
  183. N.C. undercover unit rocked by scandal, FBI probe
  184. Lockheed to get $ for scrapped spy plane
  185. Federal eAnnoyance Statute
  186. Humvee improvements fall on soldiers
  187. who-da thunk??
  188. Source: Al-Zawahiri not among 18 killed in airstrike
  189. Surge in Sale of Disposable Cell Phones May Have Terror Link
  190. ATF Agent Injured in Wichita
  191. SWAT Team Shoots Armed Fla. 8th-Grader
  192. 9/11 scammer gets 18 mos. for loan fraud
  193. Man Who Tried to Assassinate President Convicted Overseas
  194. Tunnel found under California-Mexico border
  195. Activists: We were framed by Democrat operatives in tire-slashing case
  196. FBI Agent Cleared of Shoplifting Charges
  197. Mentally Ill Police Impersonator Honored
  198. CSI-Shark Fins
  199. NYPD Officer's death the result of 9/11
  200. Apointment dampens hopes for merger of DHS bureaus
  201. ICE Immigration Miranda Issues
  202. Palo Alto, CA Officer Down...
  203. Rapist's Prison Sentence Triggers Outrage
  204. MS-13 gang growing extremely dangerous
  205. Elite Graduates of U.S. Dog School Sniff Drugs, Money
  206. Kansas Police Walk Out ... Then Some Return
  207. Judge orders son of DEA agent to be held without bail
  208. Witness' Death Stuns Wyoming Community
  209. Hundreds of police officers gathered to honor a St. Paul police officer who died whil
  210. State Dept. reduces Security Clearance times
  211. Head of Federal Air Marshal Service resigns
  212. Probing mob links to G-man
  213. Cuba paid Oswald to kill Kennedy, new film says
  214. Bush ICE appointment an end-run around Senate
  215. New name for ice?
  216. Off-duty cop stabbed in Yonkers; attacker shot dead
  217. Border Patrol agents use simple technique to track crossers
  218. Air marshals stretched thin
  219. Marion Barry robbed at gunpoint
  220. Fayetteville Police Officer Shot; Suspect On Loose
  221. Veteran Agent Shoots Man By Border Fence
  222. ACLU will provide cameras to tape police
  223. Retired Duluth officer injured by hockey puck declared brain dead
  224. Suspect Said to Fake Death to Avoid Arrest
  225. Two Reports on Broad Range of DHS Problems
  226. CIA may need decade to rebuild clandestine service
  227. Clarett wanted on robbery charges
  228. Government Prepares for Next Big Disaster
  229. Kids' counterfeit ring of $1 bills busted
  230. Cop attacked by Taco Bell wanna be's
  231. Sober Worm Tricks Pedophile Into Surrender
  232. Winner of the Wife of the Year Award
  233. U.S. Teen Runs Off to Iraq by Himself
  234. DEA Highlights Year’s Accomplishments
  235. Free Saddam to end woes in Iraq, lawyer tells Bush
  236. Avoiding the "Professional Courtesy" Problem
  237. Name change halts citizenship process
  238. Police face tough hunt for recruits
  239. Hells Angels bidding for police laptop
  240. Police Seek Suspects in Milwaukee Beating
  241. Police Forces, Their Ranks Thin, Offer Bonuses, Bounties and More - New York Times
  242. L.A.P.D. To Go for Gold in Gay Games
  243. Officer Accused Of Faking His Own Shooting Offered Buyout
  244. Feds Arrest Four Men in Stolen Explosives Case in New Mexico
  245. Bush approves 3.1 percent pay raise
  246. Miami Suspect Had Help Escaping, Police Say...ICE Agents searching
  247. Seriously?: Drug dealing suspect blames cops for a failed Christmas
  248. US lawsuit could dent global war-contractor boom
  249. The birth of DHS....Department's Mission Was Undermined From Start
  250. Off-Duty BPAs put out fire in TX