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    kingt5 Guest

    17 days to 1.5 mile run test. What's the most productive way to spend that time?

    I'm doing a pre-screening 1.5 mile run for time in 17 days. I need to do it in under 12:30 to pass. I've been running about 2 miles per day, four days per week (up from not running at all). I've dropped 12 pounds in the last month and a half and am finally starting to get in shape. I first timed myself for the 1.5 miles about 6 weeks ago and did it in 15 plus minutes. Two weeks ago I was down to 13:18. Today I attempted to do it again after a 12 hour work day, but it was so hot I altered my plans. Here's what I did today to give you an idea of where I am:

    -800m warm-up in 5 minutes


    -1200m in 5:42

    -400m walk

    -400m in 1:45

    -400m walk

    -400m in 1:56

    -400m walk

    -400m in 1:36

    Cool down/stretching.

    I feel like I'm pretty close. I'd like to break 12:00. Anyone have any advice for what I should be doing for the next two weeks or so? Should I try running twice a day, or doing an alternative non-impact workout like the stairmaster? Is the treadmill a good way to run faster? I'd appreciate any advice you guys have. Thanks.-----Kingt5

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    The advice that was given to me by a fitness guru....try to run as far as you can until you get tired. Then walk at a fast pace until you get some more energy....then start running again.

    I've been told not to run everyday. You are supposed to run every other day to let you body build up muscle and not hurt yourself.

    Best advice....don't over-do yourself. It won't help anything if you hurt yourself.

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    JFred10 Guest
    I would recommend timing yourself in the 1.5 mile run (push yourself), but don't stop there. Simply note your time and continue your run for another half mile or mile (at a slower but decent pace). This way you run the required 1.5 miles but then extend yourself to finish.

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    What helped me in running my 1.5 was that I kept going even though I felt tired. I knew that my mind was saying I'm tired but I knew my body could take it. Whatever you do don't stop! Keep going and rest it off later.
    For my 1.5 mile run I had to run to the run. (meaning we left the academy running in formation, run about 2 miles to the starting line) Then we started from there.
    After I was done with the 1.5 mile run I had to do a 300-yard dash. Then we had to run back to the academy after.

    Another thing that may help you, try putting something in your mouth like a small stick to bite on or chewing gum. It will take your mind off the running. When I was running I picked up a stick and started biting on it and it took my mind off the running.

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    mr. mac Guest
    Don't overdue it and end up hurting yourself. Then all that work will go wasted. 2 times a day of running in my opinion is too much. From your post, I'll bet you'd have no problem passing. It's good reading how you worked so hard. That's what depts need in recruits now. When the day comes, your adrenaline will be pumping so hard that you'll be amazed how much you can push yourself. Just keep doing what your doing but give yourself a good 3 days off before test date to rest those muscles and be 100%. Take care. -mac

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    kingt5 Guest
    Thanks for the advice/encouragement. I actually did a practice 1.5 miles yesterday morning in 12:10. I was pretty pleased. I didn't even kick it in the last lap, just steady the whole time. I feel good about being to break 12:00 when test time comes in 2 weeks. I'll stick to running just once a day and take it easy and stretch a lot the days before the test. Take it easy.--------kingt5

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    keep in mind that at two weeks out nothing you do will help you as far as gaining fitness. I would run 3 times a week or so in the two weeks you have left and maybe for 10-15 minutes the day before at race pace (test pace). add some pool running or swimming instead, if its a quarter mile track, i would figure out where you need to be at each lap to hit your goal, you'll be fine, most likely when you have been doing your test runs your already fatigued,

    good luck

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    SgtDeen Guest
    It seems like you have a good plan. Stick with it, because your times sound very close to mine and I made it. Also remember you will have some adrenaline at the test which will increase your times quite a bit. I ran my FBI PRT on Tuesday, and was amazed at the speed on my first couple laps. The last lap was another matter though. Good luck.

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    My $.02:

    Give yourself a day of rest after every day of hard running. Give yourself two days rest before your race.

    Cross train to lose a little more weight--you could drop a couple pounds in 3 weeks, easy.

    Get lots of sleep to help your legs recover from your runs.

    Add an interval workout every week (ie, one day each week, insert sprints into your run), but don't overdo it or you'll need two days to recover.

    Don't run if you're hurting bad--if you aggravate something and go from "hurt" to "injured", you may not have time to recover.

    Good Luck!

    "You ain't goin' nowhere, son. You ought to go back to drivin' a truck." --manager of the Grand Ole Opry, firing after only one performance, on September 25, 1954, Elvis Presley.

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    It sounds like you're on track. Keep up the hard work. I recommend resting for atleast 3 days prior to test time. You body will need to recoop. Remember to drink lots of water. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

    Stay Alert, Stay Alive

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    gotcha Guest


    you be suprises what you can do 2 weeks before the test dont take the lazy man route keep training hard and rest a day or 2 before the event. changes in the cardiovascular system can change very quickly, you need to give it a reason to get stronger your not tapering off for the olympics so you dont need 2 weeks rest maybe a day or 2



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