It has come to the attention of a growing number of message board users that many members use acronyms and abbreviations in their posts that are uncommon or unusual. Indeed, I see acronyms used on the board every day that I am unfamiliar with, and I’ve also seen countless threads in which confused readers inquire about the meaning of an acronym that was used in a post. So, please keep in mind that the message board audience is composed of members from a wide range of knowledge and experience in law enforcement, recruiting, job-seeking and hiring processes. Let's not leave them in the dark.

Before using a lesser-known acronym or abbreviation, please check the Acronyms and Abbreviations List first. If you use an acronym or abbreviation that isn't listed, simply spell out the phrase the first time it is used and include the acronym in parenthesis –- as in “Board of Examiners” (BEX). Also, if an acronym or abbreviation is not on the list, please go to Acronyms and Abbreviations, click reply, and suggest that it be added. A substantial number of entries on the list have been suggested by our members.

These measures will eliminate much of the frustration members have experienced, which in turn will make the message board more user-friendly. Thanks for your cooperation and for all of your contributions.