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    Post coming back after medical retirement

    What state has the least stringent ceritification requirement? Its not that i'm aiming low but I can't do the job like I used to. Here is a little background. I am 32 years old and was recently forced to medicaly retire after a knee injury. I worked two years at the begining of my career in patrol and have spent the last nine years working in they jail as a training officer. In California once you are medicaly retired you are done. No one will pick you up if you can no longer run or engage in hand to hand combat. Not as a DA investigator, traffic officer, or even a DMV investigator. I know I can be useful to some agency somewhere. I just have to findout where that agency is. Anyone have any ideas?

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    FIRST, I'd want to know how becoming reemployed will affect your medical retirement! I'd also want to know if there were any specific positions that were a no-no. I don't know how CA is on these retirements, but alot of jurisdictions won't leave you alone for several years and certain employment could jeopardize your retirement benefits. Investigate carefully! DM
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    I was told my retirement would not be effected as long as I stayed within the medical restrictions that caused my retirement and did not return to employment in the same retirement system.

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    My Lt. at Nevada State Prison was medically retired from CA. behind a back injury. He went next door to NV. and has been having a pretty good carreer. Check out NV DOC and if your POST is still active a lot of smaller PDs and SOs will have a job for you. I'm no longer in NV but the last I heard was that if you could do the physical agility test which is not all that hard then injuries or disabilities weren't a issue.
    Good Luck, John



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