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Thread: FLETC Food?

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    FLETC Food?

    This may be construed as a stupid question, but here it goes anyway: Do trainees pay for the food at FLETC or is the food at the mess covered?

    Are there any services one has to pay for at FLETC? Laundry? etc.


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    Food is provided for trainees. There are laundry machines available on base, but you do have to pay for detergent, fabric softener, etc. If you need to have something dry-cleaned, you will have to pay for it, although you may be able to get reimbursed by your agency. And if you don't have a working cell phone, you'll need to buy a phone card to place long distance calls.

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    Its not a stupid question. The food is free like its been said, but it looses its appeal after a few weeks. There are plenty of places to eat in the area, but sisnce it is a major highway area mostly chain or fast food. St. Simons & Jeckle Islands are vacation areas so there are better placs to eat. There is also a barber on campus and a doctor & if you need anything else you can find it if you just ask around.

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    Do trainees pay for the food at FLETC or is the food at the mess covered?
    If you are staying in on base housing you are allowed to eat at the cafeteria everyday including weekends. If you are staying in off base housing (hotel, apartment) you may only be able to eat on base during the week, on weekends you would have to pay for your food at the cafeteria. It may depend on your agency as well, but when I was there I stayed on base during CITP and could eat free everyday. We then moved off base for CBES (Old US Customs add on training) and we could eat free during the week, then we were given something like $35/day on Sat. & Sun. for food allowance.

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    Re: FLETC Food?

    Originally posted by reid-oclg
    or is the food at the mess covered?
    Actually the mess o' food is what covers your plate.

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    I guess I'm just part of the timid minority who never had a problem with the food at FLETC.

    Get stuff that not even a cafeteria can mess up (it *is* a cafeteria, remember?) and you'll be fine. Salads, sandwiches, and grill items are hard to goof. Breakfast is also pretty safe, and-- at least when I was there-- less crowded than lunch or dinner because of people choosing an extra 15 minutes of Zs over a danish. Steak or chicken ANYTHING as a hot entree is a no-go at any cafeteria in America, and probably anywhere outside America, too. I won't even address seafood, since if you'd eat mass-produced flounder than you deserve to have Darwin's Law catch up with you.

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    Actually, the salads can be dangerous. One of my friends got food poisoning from eating a salad. It was thought either the eggs or salad dressing. I couldn't look at the salads the same again.

    Despite that incident, I would encourage you to eat at the mess just to save the money. The cold cereal is always an option.

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    lol. When I was there we often had about 20 minutes to eat lunch so I had a salad 3-5 days a week and never got sick. Maybe they fixed the problem from when you where there..

    The 'fast food' line is pretty good too. They have burgers, grilled chicken, grilled cheese, fries, onion rings and so on. The grilled chicken was good. To be honest, I either ate the short order food and a salad or just a salad.

    The food isn't bad at all. I guess I am used to Navy food though so it didn't bother me.

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    Food at FLETC was passable to downright good. Lots of variety, from a salad bar, to grilled chicken, burgers, pasta, and two or three choices of entrees per meal. But if you're there on a long program, even that variety gets old. I always supplemented the FLETC fare with trips out to get "real" food. There's actually a good sushi place in the strip mall next to the Wal-Mart, and if you go east of there a bit, there are several little hole-in-the-wall places with good food, including a BBQ wing place that's great. Also two exits south of FLETC on I-95, there's a great little family-owned BBQ place just east of the highway.

    And on week-ends, get yourself up to Savannah if you want to eat good. More places along the river than I can list, and a couple have killer Sunday brunches.

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    Someone had to open this door...

    Having spent more time at FLETC than most mortals (and probably more than anyone on this board in the timeframe I've been employed), I'll add my two cents.

    FLETC food is the same as it's been - with the same contractor - since I first went there in 1995. For a place that caters to a profession in which people are supposed to maintain a high level of physical fitness, the food is sad. Being that FLETC spends all that time giving you PT, classes on wellness, stress, and generally encourages a healthy lifestyle for LEO's, they should be putting their money where their mouth is and encouraging that healthy lifestyle from the git-go - not encouraging you to eat crap for the 18 weeks you're in the academy, THEN eat healthy when you get home (!). It's cafateria food, but they can do a lot better - my college cafeteria was WAYY better than FLETC, in both healthy selections and variety.

    FLETC's salad bar has come a long way since 1995, when it was essentially a big pile of lettuce, some small bowls of veggies, and some dressing, but they still have a long way to go. There's still not a whole lot of variety to it in the sense that you can't eat that stuff every day, for every meal.

    FLETC cooks the way my mother-in-law cooks: southern style, with lots of grease, butter, lard, etc., and even the salad bar reflects that - there's even oil on their pasta. Until they get away from that mentality, the food will be the same.

    If you have a light-speed metabolism, I'm sure burgers, hot dogs, processed lunch meat, greasy ("allegedly-broiled," as my partner used to call them) chicken breasts, and grilled cheese every day would be considered good food. Most of us over 30, however, do not have that metabolic rate, and can't live off that stuff for any length of time (and don't want to, anyway). For everyone who thinks the food is good, come and see me when you've eaten the same stuff for almost 10 years and spent as many weeks there as I've spent. Thank god for free ice in the dorms, small refigerators, protein bars, and Subway.


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    Salad Bar Racetrack

    You can have it your way, everytime, anytime.... and all for free!

    However, their was one time I was grabbing a salad and had front row seats watching a pair of roaches competing for first place around the crouton container...

    Free food AND free entertainment... that was the last time I had a salad at FLETC.

    Don't forget the dressing!


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    Fletc food

    The FLETC food is passable to downright good!

    That is really frightening. What do you eat normally?

    What gets me about FLETC is how can they constantly under cook the chicken and then way, way, way over cook steak. It's mind boggling.

    I've eatin at the FLETC in Charleston, SC which aint bad and Artesia which it not to bad either but Glynco is downright awful and I was in the Infantry. I ate sandwiches, salad and cereal most of the time.

    If you can stomach the Brunswick stew you are a better man than I!

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    Glynco is downright awful and I was in the Infantry
    I wish I had it said as well as that (I was in the infantry too, so my critique sure doesn't come from being picky ).


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    When I was down there a few months ago, the menu was quite extensive. It went something like this......

    chickenfishpastachickenfishpastachickenfishpastach ickenfishpastachickenfishpasta.

    But on weekends you got.....

    chickenfishpastachickenfishpastachickenfishpastach ickenfishpastachickenfishpasta.

    The food wasn't too bad and I had much worse during field training exercises in the Army. It does, however, get really old. And if you have the chickenfishpasta, make sure it's cooked all the way through.

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    Wow...what can I say that hasn't already been said?

    Hmm...the self serve Ice Cream (not the despenser...but the freezer and scooper) is down right DEADLY! I had PT on Monday, and then found that thing afterwards at dinner. Got a BIG'OL bowl of ice cream....

    And I don't know about undercooked chicken. The chicken last night was cardboard-dry...plain awful.

    I'm sure I've had worse...definitely had better. I can work around it, however...and the salad isn't bad, just skip the dressing and use the oil and vinegar

    The vat'o grilled chicken is a site to be seen

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