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    Quote Originally Posted by ATF SAC
    Set a goal to become very good at doing it the way the agency wants it done before you try to tell the agency how they should do it. By the time you are good at it you are not a rook any more and the fact that you are good at it means folks will want to listen when you propose change or improvement.
    best advice that I've heard yet as a copper.....
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    The biggest problem I see young LEO's having is that it's tempting to feel like you are above the law when you have a badge. Many go through a phase of "I'm a cop, so I can do whatever I want" Especially here in the Northeast, where professional courtesy is widely practiced. I suspect that there is less of a professional courtesy-type culture in Texas.

    I remember being pulled over for speeding on my way home from work when I first became a police officer and how different that interaction was from when I had been stopped before I was in LE. When you "get away" with something small like speeding, it's easy to start feeling like you are entitled to do whatever you want with no consequences. Add alcohol to that arrogance and you have lots of careers going down the toilet.

    I made a tough decision not to attend my academy graduation because I was underage and wanted to avoid any problems/temptations. Sure enough, the whole class decided to hit a bar and got involved in a bar brawl. One of my classmates who was 20 actually tried to make a police report against some guy. When he told the cops his age, they flipped, kicked him out of the station, and called his dept. It didn't even occur to the idiot that he was blatantly admitting to a crime by being at the bar in the first place.

    Always acting like an applicant is excellent advice. There are stories upon stories of people losing their LE jobs for stupidity and arrogance. Once you get that badge, guard it with your life because one dumb move and it can be gone forever.

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    Best advice I've ever recieved is: Treat everyone you come in contact with, like you would want an officer to treat your mother. It has served me well these many years.


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    Thanks guys I've found this site really helpful, I graduated Friday Nov 19, 2004 2pm sharp.


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    One off duty thought

    If you cant take your spouse with you,
    you probably shouldnt be there.



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