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    what can i expect from training?

    Hey guys, I just found out the other day that i've been excepted into training for a corrections officer here in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. Well I was wondering what should I expect out of the training? What type of training will I recieve? What type of information will I have to learn?

    FYI, training lasts for 3 months and there will be no firearms traing since provincial CO's do not carry a gun, just federal CO's and only in the towers.

    Thanks for the advice!


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    Good For You

    Besides the obvious such as behavior management/self defense, cpr/first aid and maybe some physical exercise (how much depends on your agency ranging from none to running a couple of miles) most of your training will be learning emergency procedures - what to do if certain situations arise - and interpersonal skills which is basically role play and learning how to communicate with an inmate. The problem with role play is the person playing inmate always wins because they always do and say whatever they want and even take the situation to the next level while you who are not entirely sure what to do fumble through it.

    I've been through two correctional academies and never cared much for role play although if utilized correctly it could be a good learning tool.

    You'll also learn basic report writing and how to write a disciplinary report ( if an inmate commits an offense) and what sanctions are taken away from that inmate such as loss of phone etc etc.

    If your academy is 3 full months, not including on the job training, then I could not begin to tell you what they would do with you for that time, especially without firearms training. They must have a lot of PT or something because believe it or not you'll learn more on the job then in the academy or at least I did. I guess they might possibly cover all aspects of the system such as parole/probation, but in my academies it was covered in about three minutes. I learned very little in my academies other than a sense of forboding and that I was going to get tested by inmates and seasoned staff for being new and possibly hated for drying up the overtime... I'm only half kidding. Corrections isn't all that bad, but it's not that great either. Hope this helps and good luck.

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    Hey thanks alot for the advice. Do you know if what we have to learn is as in depth as what is taught to you during a plice acadamy? I know some people who are in training for police here i winnipeg, and the degree of what you have to learn in phenominal. Thanks




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