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    Immigration Employee Charged in Store Scam

    Immigration Employee Charged in Store Scam

    Washington Post - Mar 5, Tom Jackman

    An employee of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has been arrested in Fairfax County for allegedly trying to scam department stores out of money by returning items with higher price tags than what was on them originally, police said yesterday.
    Fairfax police arrested Jennifer G. Crandall, 40, of Vienna on Tuesday at the new Fairfax Corner shopping center, according to court records. She was charged with one count of obtaining money by false pretenses and released on her own recognizance.
    Sgt. Richard Perez said investigators began checking into the case early last month, after a store suspected Crandall of theft. Perez said police believe that Crandall would buy an item from a store and also steal a price tag from a similar but higher-priced item.
    Police allege that Crandall then would return the item and use the stolen price tag to receive more money or credit than she had paid originally, Perez said.
    Detective David A. Mulvey arrested Crandall and then obtained a search warrant for her purse, court records show. Inside the purse, Mulvey found 49 gift cards or merchandise credit cards from various stores and 57 receipts, as well as a Maryland driver's license with the name Jennifer Graves, which Mulvey alleged was used to make the returns.
    Crandall could not be located yesterday for comment.
    Manny Van Pelt, a spokesman for the immigration agency, said yesterday that Crandall was an employee of the agency, a division of the Department of Homeland Security. He could not say whether she was an agent or civilian employee or what her current job status was.
    "We take all allegations of employee misconduct seriously and have referred the matter to ICE's Office of Professional Responsibility for inquiry," Van Pelt said. "Until the issue has been resolved, it would be inappropriate to comment further."
    Obtaining money by false pretenses is a Class 4 felony in Virginia. If Crandall was convicted of that charge, she would face a minimum two years in prison and a fine of up to $100,000
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    Didn't the same thing happen in Georgia a few years ago with another INS employee who taught ethics at FLETC, and was the wife of the New York District Director?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Sexy
    Immigration Employee Charged in Store Scam
    You would have thought the Rosemary LaGuardia Slattery (wife of Bill Slattery) thing would have sent up flags:

    Ethics instructor with INS charged in local fraud case
    Friday, March 2, 2001
    Of The Post and Courier staff

    An ethics instructor with the U.S. immigration service is accused of getting fraudulent refunds from a North Charleston department store, authorities said Thursday.
    Rosemary Slattery, whose husband is a former top U.S. immigration official, was arrested Wednesday by North Charleston police. Slattery, 43, is charged with obtaining money under false pretenses.
    Slattery, a Florida resident, has been on temporary assignment in Charleston, teaching a course called "Professionalism and Ethics" at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, said Russ Bergeron, a spokesman for the U.S Immigration and Naturalization Service. Her regular assignment is at the training center in Glynco, Ga.
    Investigators say Slattery purchased a ring and a skirt from a Belk store and then returned cheaper substitutes to the Northwoods Mall outlet for a cash refund. The scheme allegedly netted her $226 Monday, according to an arrest affidavit.
    Slattery, who worked in internal affairs at INS in the mid-1990s, has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation of the incident, Bergeron said.
    She is the wife of William Slattery, a former INS associate commissioner who oversaw the agency's field operations nationwide, Bergeron said. William Slattery retired from the agency three years ago, he said.
    Slattery could not be reached for comment Thursday. Her lawyer, Keith Bolus, declined to comment on the case.
    The Northwoods Mall Belk store contacted police Tuesday after noticing something wrong with the returned items, said North Charleston Capt. William Barfield.
    The original purchase was for a size-6, sand-colored Tommy Hilfiger skirt and a 14-karat gold amethyst ring, an arrest affidavit said. Returned for a refund in their place were a size-10, blue denim City Girl Sport skirt and a purple stone ring, the affidavit stated.
    "They were worth significantly less," Detective Cpl. Paul Hernandez said.
    Police say Slattery used a photocopied receipt to make the return and had the refund credited to her Visa card.
    The store clerks were initially fooled because the skirt had a Tommy Hilfiger tag attached to it, Hernandez said. Later, they noticed the skirt had a label from another manufacturer, he said.
    During a search of Slattery's car Wednesday, police found a device used to make manufacturer-quality tags, Hernandez said.
    Police were contacted Wednesday by a Belk loss-prevention officer when Slattery showed up at the Citadel Mall store, Barfield said.
    The investigation into the incident continues, Barfield said.
    Slattery, who has worked for the immigration service since August 1991, was released on a personal recognizance bond Wednesday by Magistrate Jack Guedalia.
    Glenn Smith covers police and crime. Contact him at (843) 937-5556 or at [email protected].

    Apparently nolo'd, she's supposedly still on the job.
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