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    what do they do?

    what exactly do sheriffs do...is there work more exciting then a leo? any info is welcome and appreciated. im still trying to find out exactly what type of law enforcement career i want.

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    Bravo8 Guest
    Just as Terelk said, it varies state to state; and in some cases, it varies from county to county within the same state.

    In Pennsylvania, the Sheriff's Office is the enforcement arm for the Court of Common Pleas, which is the county courts. The serve arrest warrants issued by the court, PFA's (Protection From Abuse orders), civil processes, etc. They also are in charge of court room security and prisoner transport.

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    Sheriffs are elected by the county they serve and are confined to LE duties within that county on an as needed basis. Therefore, a county that has a county LE dept, (either county police or a city pd the covers the whole county) will find the sheriff’s office doing court security, jail duties and transporting prisoners, period. This is the case in a lot of major cities where the boundaries of the county are located within the city limits of the city. Omaha, NE. is a case in point. Other counties, like Fairfax, VA. which has a county pd, the county pd does all the major police work and the sheriff’s office does the above. In counties that have no other LE to cover the county, the sheriff’s dept is it and does all the major police work, as well as court security, jail duties, etc. A lot of FL. Sheriff’s Dept’s are this way and you see them patrolling the interstates.
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    In California sheriffs deputies (in most counties) also serve as deputy coroners. They also provide protective services to out laying areas of the county that may not have police service. Since California has a lot of agricultural area there are many inhabited areas that are outside any city limits. Those areas are the primary responsabilty of the county sheriff's dept. They also have detective units, SWAT, and other special crime prevention units just as a city police dept. would. Also the sheriff's dept is in charge of staffing the county jails, and transportaion of suspect to court from jail.


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    In most cases in Florida, a general rule of thumb is that County Sheriffs have jurisdiction over the entire county. They perform all Law enforcement duties and even contract with local PDs for air support and SWAT. All counties obviously manage the Jail with one exception. The city of Hollywood in Broward County is the only city Police Department to have a municipal jail.

    Sheriffs also have that slight degree of politicalism in that common practice is that on midnight of the changeover in the Sheriff, all Deputies/Officers are fired and then essentially re-hired unless the new Sheriff doesn't need your services.

    Side Note: Imagine spending 16 years on the BillyBob County Sheriffs Department only to get told that your time has come cause the new Sheriff wants his daughters new husband to be the new Chief Deputy.

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