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    jerry stone Guest

    Cool correction question

    In what states do state correctional officers get to carry badges?

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    ranger Guest
    Florida, in both the state and county systems

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    Do you mean, in what states are they issued badges??
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    jerry stone Guest

    Smile thank you

    Yes, thank you.

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    In California most county jails are run and staffed by the local sheriffs dept. making the correctional officers sheriffs deputies. (who are issued, and carry badges)

    I am not sure who runs the state prisions. I think that the correctional officers are contracted by the state.


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    JDG1872 Guest

    icon31.gif Badges

    Almost every one does: State, County and Contract Jails.

    I have been collecting police and corrections badges since before I was issued my first one way back in the day.

    Some places issue a badge but officers do not wear in inside, FLA DOC was like this as was LA County, plus a few others but times and policy does change.

    One reason behing the badge issue is some states permit an off duty gun for CO's and the badge+credentials is needed to identify you as authorized, also some CO's are Peace Officers who can arrest for an observed crime... thus the tin.



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