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    USPS Headquarters Hiring Freeze

    The PMG has announce an immediate Headquaters employee hiring freeze. USPIS employees are Headquaters employees. I do not know how this will effect USPIS hiring. Applicants should contact their recruiters. Hiope all goes well. Been there done that. Go to postalnews.com to read the letter.
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    Hurry up!

    I am holding my breath until someone clears this up.

    What I am hoping for is someone to post saying this does not effect USPIS hiring so we can all let out a collective sigh of relief.

    If it is determined that the freeze does effect us, then we can all lower our heads as a collective body of USPIS applicants, moan and whine a bit on the board and/or to our significant others.


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    Not sure if this is such a big deal

    Just read the letter...I think there is only a freeze on contract employees, NOT Inspectors. I've worked for the postal service as a contract employee for three years at the Princeton REC (actually as a Transitional Employee). It means that every year, the postal service has chance to either renew your contract or fire you based on need and performance. Fortunately, I made it through all of my renewals.

    Take my response with a grain of salt, though. I'm not sure what constitutes a "headquaters" contractor.

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    I also took the time to read this (it is a really short memo) and gathered that this should not affect the USPIS at all. My $0.02.



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