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    RickeyTracy Guest

    Smile oral interview help request

    i have an oral interview this saturday and could anyone give me some advice what i could use to give me a better chance to pass the interview

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    be confident, be honest, be open, NEVER EVER change your answer and most importantly be yourself...good luck

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    Make sure to maintain eye contact. Be prepared to name off some of your goals and to be asked questions about that specific department. Remember, these people were once in your shoes too. They know that you will be nervous. Relax, be youself and be confident. Good luck and keep us posted!

    Stay Alert, Stay Alive

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    ranger Guest
    One thing that you can do when the "What would you do?" questions pop up is to pause before replying. The panel understands your level of experience before you go to your oral and it is often said that panel members do not expect you to be proficient in their policies. Do not try to razzle them with answers that a 20 year veteran would give, rather answer them as to what you feel today. In law enforcement it is often more costly to retrain someone than to train them. On a second note, your demeanor will have the most influence on how well you do.



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