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Thread: LA County

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    LA County

    Does anyone know how long the Los Angeles County Deputies are working custody prior to going to patrol?

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    The average time is 3-5 years. It really depends though on where you apply for your patrol duty. Your nicer areas like Marina Del Rey, Malibu, or San Dimas sometimes can take over 5 years because everyone want to work there. If you are willing to go to some of the less desireable areas like Compton, Lennox etc. your time will be much shorter.

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    Thanks for the info.

    By your user name I take it you are into rodeo. Are you from the socal area? And if so have you heard of the Wooden Nickle or Alex's? They were places I used to practice at.

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    Thanks kichaa,

    I am just concerned that spending years and years (avg. of at least 8 in O.C.) would just grind on me. I can't imagine too many people would enjoy solely working with criminals or suspected criminals for that long. I understand that Police/Sheriff work inevitably puts you in contact with them but I would enjoy the opportunity to positively interact with the non-criminal public as well.

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    You get some of your best training working in custody. Gangs, tattoos, drug dealers, the works. Everyone in jail has a story and they are happy to tell it to you as a deputy. You'd be amazed at how street smart you come out of a jail. I agree I would not want to work custody permanently, but if you can get a few years in under your belt, you'll be a much better street cop.


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    Thanks Kahuna5150.


    Besides Twin Towers where could someone work in a Southern location of LA County?

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    The other main facility is in Santa Clarita...by Magic Mountain. Its also where you will do your fire arms training in the academy and if you ever make it to SEB, you will train there also!!

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    SEB? Anything with an acronym sounds interesting (swat, crash, etc.).

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    I spent 4 yrs and 3 months working the jail (Not LA or even CA). The jail is the best on the job training you will ever get. After a couple of years in the jail, the street will seem like a vacation in comparison. Try it, you'll like it!!

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    SEB is the Special Enforcement Bureau. It's LASD's special operations division. The last I heard it was commanded by Sid Heal, who is a very smart guy and one of the nation's leading experts on tactics and less-lethals.

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    What kind of incidents are SEB Deputies involved in?

    I think I might be spinning my wheels considering the news posted on this site about the hiring freeze.

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    Really? I declined a job as a correctional deputy with the department I want to work for because everybody and his brother, including my BI, told me that working in a jail is meaningless drudge work and that it's better to get your degree. I've had several LEO's, on and off this board, tell me that the training you recieve in the jail doesn't make you a very desirable candidate.



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