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    intelmedic Guest

    Military vs Degree

    I'm not sure if this has been hashed before (i'm certain someone will correct me if I'm wrong)... any thoughts on Military v. College Degree which is valued more for a LE position. I was hoping to do both by enlisting in the army reserves however, now just doesn’t seem like the right time, I may never get to complete my degree. How about someone with a medical d/c from the military. A colleague of mine who was medically d/c from the Navy is now trying to get a LE job, does a medical d/c look bad on your record (not an injury that would prevent from carrying out LE duties obviously)

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    A medical D/C may give you a hard time gaining employment with a PD depending on what the D/C is for. They will look heavily into that because they do not want to hire anyone who has a medical problem that may become a problem for them. I was active for 4 years and then went into the Guard. I finished my 2 year degree while in the service, and now currently am going to graduate this year with my 4 year all while in the service. I go to the University of Phoenix and my Gi Bill pays for my school, not to mention any tuition assistance I get while active or reserves. I would say that if the military is something you want to do, not just because of school, then go for it and get your degree while doing it. A lot of places offer online degrees, but make sure you are doing it the right way. Look for online colleges who have a good reputation, like the university of phoenix, that offer "regional" accredidation. Any more questions, you can PM me.
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    If you have the financial ability to do so, finish your degree.

    The armed forces will still be there when you finish... and if serving in Iraq or Afghanistan is something you crave, you will still likely get your chance.

    As for an LE job.. is depends on what you want to do... certainly, havine a degree won't hurt you.
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    Dannyboy4372 Guest

    Miltitary or Degree

    My personal oppinion is to get your degree first. I am a veteran of six years in the armed forces and it really hasn't helped me land a LE job. However, I do not have a degree, and that has absolutely kept from getting a job with most agencies in my area. In fact, most of the agencies in my area (Michigan) have a requirement of having at least an associates degree to meet there Minimum qualifications for employment. Additionally many departments will offer better salary and promotional opportunities to those that have attained their degree.

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    Get a degree first.. What happens if you can't get a job in LE for a few yeras.. That just may be the way the cards fall but in the mean time you need something to fall back on and amke decent money. Also what happens if you go military than LE than you get hurt and cant work in LE anymore??? The military is a great place dont get me wrong... but like mentioned above most agencies want at least 60 credits anyways so you can have all the military expr in the world but it wont matter if you dont meet the requirements.. You can always look at reserves if you want to do both but remeber u may go away for a while...

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    Having done the military thing (Marines), then the law enforcement thing, then the college thing and back to the law enforcement thing I can say with authority that having the college degree first is the way to go. Military servicemembers with only high school diplomas are a dime a dozen on the job market. Most law enforcment agencies require a minimum of a four year degree now to even get a resume in the door. If you want to do law enforcement, get the degree, if you want to play in the reserves on the weekend then you can do both but get the degree, then the job, then worry about the reserves.

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    mcsap Guest
    Depends on the dept. Mine must give any honorably discharged veteran an extra 10 points on their final test score. ( civil service) The degreed applicant can look forward to making an extra $750 per year. And we do not require a degree.



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