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    norder2protect Guest

    Question MD Probation/Parole Exam

    Hello everyone.

    Does anyone have any information on the MD PO hiring process or exam?
    Do you know anyone who works for the agency and know what they think about the agency? Pros? Cons?
    I am aware that there are pros and cons in everything. I'm simply looking for any available specifics. Any and all responses are greatly appreciated.

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    lccpd Guest
    You can look on the MD job site, www.dop.state.md.us and you can visit the parole and probation site at www.dpscs.state.md.us/pnp
    I took the written test about a year ago, but I decided to stick with law enforcement. It is an easy, basic test that goes over some basic skills, but does include some common-sense questions related to parole and probation. It is not something you need to study for. After that, there is a background, physical and psych.

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    norder2protect Guest

    Thumbs up

    Thanks lc. I'll check that out!

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    norder2protect Guest


    I got to take the test after searching with nerves on end to find the test site. It seemed like a breeze.

    But the last test I thought was a breeze--I missed it by 2 points. I'll keep my fingers crossed and prayers active. Thanks for the information. It'll be at least four weeks before results are available.

    Waiting...the worse part.



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