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    sdaoudi51 Guest

    probation officers any info

    are there any probation officers here from illinois, and if there are, what is the name of the written test, and what goes on afterwards, i am on an elgibility list and have not been called to take the written test yet, but is there a physical, poly, psych, also is there an academy?

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    sdaoudi51 Guest
    bump, okay any probation or parole officers from other states are welcome to give some info about their hiring process.

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    MJ-1 Guest

    I am currently an adult felony probation officer here in texas. As far as the hiring process that I went through, it went like this:

    background check
    oral board
    psychological test
    drug test

    The whole process took about 4 months. I have talked to other officers who got in after only 2-3 months and then some that it took over 6 months. I think it all depends on when you apply and if they are hiring at the time.

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    sdaoudi51 Guest
    thanks mj



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