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    coolig1234 Guest

    NY State Parole/ Probation

    Canb anyone give me some employment info? I looked at the website and couldnt find anything good. Thanks!

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    Fred Guest
    Pays great but with New York Parole you will be dealing with some seroius bad guys day in day out for 20 years plus. They are civil service so you need to take the test and a BA is required check NYS Civil service web site

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    NYfed Guest



    Parole is run by the state, the New York Division of Parole, and probation is run by counties, except for NYC which has one orgainization, the New York City Department of Probation, even though it is five counties.

    Parole pays more and is much more "law enforcement." You deal with some pretty bad dudes. NYC probation also has some tough offenders though, but the organization is rife with problems, including morale issues.



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