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    jacksonville sheriffs office (florida)

    i have a buddy of mine who is interested in the jso. the website does not give much info aside from starting salary and that they are constantly accepting apps. could someone shed a bit of light on what working for them is like? pros cons any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    Cool jacksonville sheriffs office (florida)

    My ex wife is a JSO cop. Its a good agency, has its problems like any other major city police. Is your friend a Florida certified LE officer, as that along with 60 credits is a minimum to get in. If he's looking at the Correctional officer job, then he can move into an LE slot within a year as long as he met the criteria (they usually pay for the cross over academy). There are numerous smaller agencies in Duval Co which are often hiring along with Clay Co.,Nassau Co.St. Johns Co and possibly down to Flagler Co.
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