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    probation/parole officers compared to police officer

    Now, while I know that most parole/probation officers positions require a bachelor's degree which is usually higher than the requirements for police officers, is their pay comparable to police officers, cause from what i have heard that their position requries a lot of hours, and so i hear that it can be a headache for the most part.

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    sdaoudi51 Guest

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    sdaoudi51 Guest
    come on, no probation or parole officers here from illinois?

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    triple bump

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    NYfed Guest


    No wonder no replies, this is a huge, complicated question. As you know, you could be a polie officer in a huge city, on a SWAT team, earning lots of OT, or nigt diff. pay, or a million of other things, or you could be Joe Local podunk police officer. Across the nation, some cops earn $18K, while others start at $45K+. The same is true in probation. Most are run at the county level, so it varies increadbly. USPOs tend to meke better $, but many have master's degrees and prior experience.

    There is just no way to answer your question, When I was a USPO in New York City, the hours were not bad at all, and the pay was good.

    Try to track down the website for the American Association of Probation and Parole Officers (AAPPO). I think in the past they had some kind of info on starting salary for the job around the U.S.

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    Here in CA we have a lot of different agencies, (I think almost 500 different police departments and sheriff's departments) so we have a wide range of pay. Guys in Santa Clara PD will make I think it's up to 7700 a month now base pay top step. Some in small cities like Sonora make 2200 per month. So that's a big range.

    What I can tell you is it is almost a rule that probation officers make less than the other departments and the S/O in their county. In my county we make a LOT more than probation. It is kind of a shock to us as well as probation does require a BA and police departments don't. They are currently having a hard time keeping probation officers who work closely with the police and find out what we make. A lot of them are jumping ship to become officers for better pay.

    I will say just because someone is a good probation officer does not mean they will be a good cop. This also applies in reverse. I think you'll find few if any officers ever go to probation, but many probation officers go to PD's.


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    augiedare Guest
    My bestfriend is a parole/probation officer in Livingston County Michigan. She makes around $50,000. From all her stories she should be making a lot more. She has a pretty dangerous job at times. She has to go into the homes of convicts (and she does carry her weapon.) Sometimes they have to do searches of the homes of druggies to see if there are narcotics present. The sheriff, for whatever reason, won't send a dog along.

    She is a sworn officer and can make arrests in some parts of Livingston County because the towns don't have police departs. She had to take the same types of tests as LEO's.

    One of the drawbacks to being a parole/probation officer seems small but really bothers my friend. She has to have her name and phone number listed in the telephone book. That's the last thing I would want.



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