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    Border Patrol Agents: work mostly alone, or w/ a partner?

    Maybe someone can clarify this issue for me:

    I know when you first get out of the academy, you're paired up with a more experienced agent for your first year or so. But how about after that?

    Is the majority of your time spent alone, or do you work in groups/pairs?
    Do you talk/interact with your co-workers much while on the job, or are you mostly alone with your thoughts the whole shift?

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    YOur alone in your vehicle most of the time once your done with the Field Training segment of your post-academy. You WILL arrest large groups of aliens alone, with backup sometimes a mile or two out. Lots of times youll work a certain area with 1,2,3 etc etc other agents. If their close by, theyll back you up, if not, on your own. IF your at an "X' station, you may be several hundred yards away from your partner (s). Just depends on where you go and what type of work your doing. Checkpoints are usually manned by three people minimum. Cutting sign (following tracks/footprints) is tough by yourself so usually youll have one or two agents "leapfrog" ahead of you to pick up the sign...

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    You are usually alone, but your unit works together to get the job done. Example: You may be tracking a group, while another agent is cutting a drag road 2 miles up ahead of you to see if they made it that far. Meanwhile, other agents will likely be rolling your direction to give you a hand.

    Another example: You could be working with a scope truck. In this case the scope truck operator will be guiding you and other agents into position to apprehend the group(s) he/she's watching. Best case scenario here is that they try and get an agent in front and an agent behind the group.

    That said, there where times when I was working way out in the boonies with my nearest backup over 20 miles away. It all depends on your station's size, activity levels and AOR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armalite01
    Do you talk/interact with your co-workers much while on the job, or are you mostly alone with your thoughts the whole shift?
    Two words...satellite radio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thecrusher
    Two words...satellite radio.
    Amen to that. I had mine stolen out of my POV, it took a full midnight shift of the one [email protected] radio station to make me run out the next pay period to get another one. Then you just pray the lighter plug works.



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