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    NV Parole and Probation Officer - DPS Officer I/II

    Would anyone happen to have more knowledge of the work schedule, environment, take home vehicle or POV for NV P&P Officers?

    I have viewed their website, read the previous threads here but I am more interested in their work schedule, how much time do they spend in the field and other aspects of the job that might not have been addressed.

    I know they are academy trained, sworn/certified law enforcement with arrest powers, armed etc...

    I am trying to learn more about the working environment so-to-speak. I know they work with X-felons etc... but more so is the job enjoyed, is the case load manageable to an extent...those types of things.

    I am considering a number of job options and P&P has always been an interest but more so now having spoken with a P&P Officer from another state.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Oct 2003
    Anyone from Nevada or anywhere close by that knows someone that might be able to answer my inquiry?



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