Snohomish county Lateral corrections/custody Officer

Can anyone give me information about Snohomish County Corrections? They Have a nice new jail and seem to be looking for Lateral Custody Officers. Is it a good place to work? How is the pay, benefits, and upward mobility? Is it a LEOSA friendly Dept.? I ask because not all Corrections agencies in the state of Washington are Pro LEOSA.

I left eastern Washington 7 months ago (county corrections) and moved to the west side. I went federal (BOP) and thing I am going to go back to the county level. The BOP is not what I thought it would be. I like the west side and would like to stay so any info. on other county/city jails in the Seattle, area would be nice too. I have found out that Job announcements cannot tell you the stuff you really need to know about an agency.