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Thread: Wisconsin DOC

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    Wisconsin DOC

    Does anybody have any insight or experience with Wisconsin dept. of Corrections? Any thing about morale, duties, locations, training? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    Depends on what you're wanting to do. They recruit separately for C.O.'s and for Probation and Parole Agents.

    If you go the C.O. route they routinely offer guaranteed placement at various institutions which are experiencing staff shortages. They recently brought all inmates back from out of state institutions. This resulted in some places which were already overcrowded being even tighter for space. According to some recent articles in the paper this has lead to some pretty serious violence inside a few institutions. The state says these incidents are being handled and overcrowding isn't the reason. I don't have enough knowledge to give out an opinion. I do know that most C.O.'s I meet seem pretty happy overall. Plenty of O.T. to be had, which can make up for relatively low starting wages. You do receive L.E. retirement benefits, but no off-duty carry or other L.E. type activity. Promotion oportunties definitely seem plentiful, along with the chance to move around the state.

    P&P is another animal. Most new agents seem to start out in the Milwaukee or Racine areas. As you gain seniority you can put in for assignments elsewhere. Little if any O.T. to be gotten. Again you have L.E. retirement, but no firearms of any kind. I've dealt with quite a few agents from different offices and I've never met one I would describe as "disgruntled". I'm not sure about promotion potential.

    Hope this helps!
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    thanks for the info. im mainly looking into becoming a CO, but Im not ruling out Parole and Probation.



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