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    Hudson County Sheriffs Question


    Just wondering if there are any Hudson County(NJ) Sheriffs Officers around, or if anyone can tell me there current starting salary. I know its probably not much, but i want to start somewhere and pay is not that big an issue for the moment. Any and all info for a newbie would be great.


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    Employment with the Hudson County Sheriff's Office


    Currently the Hudson County Sheriff's Office performs all hiring by utilizing a Civil Service List maintained by the New Jersey Department of Personnel. Applications are available every January by visiting the the Department of Personnel website, and downloading the forms. Forms are in .pdf format. Applications are then mailed in along with a $25.00 fee to them directly.

    In the spring you will be notified via postal mail of your testing date, and testing location.

    Once you have taken the LECR (Law Enforcement Candidate Record) you will be ranked according to score, and you will be notified accordingly. All sheriff's officer hiring are done in this manner. If your ranking is high enough, you will be certified by the Department of Personnel and the hiring procedure will begin with the appointing authority.

    Please do not contact the Hudson County Sheriff's Office for employment info, since there are no exceptions to this procedure. If you would like further information you must contact the Department Of Personnel directly.
    Stay safe!


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    Starting salary is $24,000. Max is $61,000 in 9 steps. If you look at the NJ PERC website, you can look at their actual contract.

    Go to nj.gov and link to the Public Employment Relations Commission and link to "public sector contracts". Hope this helps.

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