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    icon28.gif Transport class Completed

    I have completed my class on transport of inmates. Did alot of real life scenarios. Received a couple shots with a simunition. That stung a little but it was an eye opener what can really happen out there when transporting inmates. Was a very good class taught by the Colorado Department of Corrections. If your state has training like that, I suggest if possible to take the class. I am proud to say I am now transport certified.

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    OceanBlue Guest
    Congrats on completing the course. Sounds like some good training.

    And yes, transporting prisoners can be extremely dangerous, especially when they are looking at long prison sentences. There have been a few incidents recently in which officers were ambushed and killed while transporting.

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    Hey D, is that part of your academy or only a few COs per shift have that training? I also noticed Colorado claims to have firearms training in the academy. When I looked into it last year or so they did not and only taught a few officers here and there.

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    Anything that we do a lot becomes routine. Routine is what kills people way too often. Too many of us fall into the mindset that the threat goes away when the bracelets go on. It sounds like your training could be a real eye opener. Congrats and make sure you pass your new found info around.
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    Mark 3 the CDOC has only 2 classes per year at the moment. Yes in the CDOC academy they do have firearms training. We were originally suppose to train on the F.A.T.S. or I.E.S. machine I believe it's called. but they were down.

    Now that I am transport certified Ihave to requalify on the range quarterly. I have to take a refresher course yearly.

    CDOC has what is Called C.T.U. Central Transport Unit. CTU will go anywhere they are needed to transfer inmates or pick them up. They are like S.O.R.T.
    If any law enforcement agency has trouble with unruly imates, CTU will come and wrap them up and take to the nearesst facility. Unfortunately though CTU is not 24/7. All CTU Officers are Armed when transporting inmates. CTU averages about 280 to 300 transferring inmates a day from court or to another facility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D.Ulvestad
    is Called C.T.U. Central Transport Unit.
    Sorry to barge in, but CTU? That rocks

    I just finished with all the steps for a Sheriff's Office in GA. My first 1-2 years will be in Corrections, although about 6 months of that are Academy and Jail School.

    Anywho, have a good one

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    Note the person with Jack Bauer as an avatar responds about CTU...

    *couldn't resist*



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