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Thread: King County, WA

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    Question King County, WA

    Does anyone that works for King County or another department nearby know how they're doing with annexation issues? I was looking at their county's website recently. It looks like they've lost a significant population over the past few years in unincorporated areas due to annexation by municipalities. How much has this affected hiring and staffing issues for the sheriff's department?

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    Good question. I live in King County But work for a federal agency. They are looking for good recruits. They even give free vacation time to their deputies if they successfully recruit someone. They are hiring big-time. I have talked to some of their deputies and they seem happy. I could not say if the annexation of some cities has hurt them. They say the biggest issue is getting people that can pass the background. This is just me talking but I think that the staffing issues is the problem. Not enough deputies on the road. They still contract with a lot of the smaller cities in King County.
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    Cost of living has also been an issue with getting, and keeping, good recruits. This is true for every agency in the area, though. Good luck.
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    Thank you for your information. I've spoken with recruiters from both King County and Seattle on several occasions. Both agencies seem like they would be great places to work.

    Stay safe.

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    I am federal guy as well, but I've been a volunteer for KCSO and know many people in the agency.

    Ironically, the annexations have helped fuel the growth in the agency. I believe that every city that has incorporated in the past ten years has contracted with KCSO for police services. In fact, when a city incorporates, they end up with more money and end up with a larger LE presence. They are not all small cities either. Shoreline is one of the larger cities in King County and Burien, SeaTac and Sammamish are good size as well.

    The only city to contract and then leave was Federal Way, but despite all the bad press the office is getting, particularly from the Seattle P.I., they all seem to want to keep their contracting arrangement. (Although a few have gone on record encourage change within the office.)

    Check out the KCSO website and you can read all about the contract cities and their arrangements.
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    Thanks for the information.



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