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    starzki Guest

    Question DuPage County Sheriff, Illinois

    Has anyone ever gone through the DCSO testing procedure.

    I've passed the first written, the multiple oral and then took a polygraph. I haven't heard anything other than from my personal references because they started the BI. I was told that they will only notify you if you fail your poly. So I'm hoping I'm still in good shape. I placed 9th out of 156 (of course only 42 passed to begin with!)

    I think there's a pysch eval but I don't know. I also need to find out what the agility test is like and the one on one with the Merit Commission.

    Any input would be great. This is the first time I've ever applied to LE. I'm female and figure I've got that going for me because there were only a handful of females that took the test.

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    Toad Guest
    Well Congrats, Sounds like you are well on your way to a LEO job. I was an LEO in Central IL before moving to FL this year. I think the agility test will be what they call the POWER test. Unless they actually have their own, this is the standardized test for the state of Illinois. The test consist of a 1.5 mile run, sit ups, push ups, and sit reach. The times and #'s required are different for age groups & Gender. Good luck ! DuPage is a great agency & a great area.



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