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    icon36.gif Attn:Florida Dept.of Corrections officers/Questions

    I am considering applying for the Florida Dept. of Corrections.I am not shure what facilities,but probably Dade county,due to the higher rate of pay.Any info from current c.o.,s would be appriciated.Especially info on work days ,do you get the same days off per week,work five days a week,etc?Any shift differental.What facilities treat employees good,which dont.How do you stand it if the facility doesnt have air conditioning.Put your opinion in.Thanks

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    Shadowknows Guest
    I retired about one year ago from Ohio DOC. I am sure from talking to others most State Corrections are about the same. In Ohio we worked 5 days 40 hours... And all the overtime you can stand and then some more just for luck. I was assigned to Tactics K-9 officer. I can give you detaled information on the life just PM me. I will say this much it makes men out of boys and can destroy your values if you let it. There is a fine line you have to make sure you don't cross.



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