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    Federal Badge Lapel Pins

    Does anyone know of or have any rare federal badge lapel pins? I've been collecting random lapel pins since I was 7 years old, and currenlty have around 85 different federal badge lapel pins.

    When I say rare, I'm talking about agencies like USAID OIG, EPA OIG, NRC OIG, Federal Railraod Administration, NLRB OIG, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, RRB OIG, Consumer Product Safety Commission, etc. I recently acquired badge pins for DHS OIG, NNSA Federal Agent, USCIS FDNS, USDA FSIS Investigator, and of course, DOL Wage & Hour Division Investigator. There are so many agencies out there that I know I'll never get them all (especially since I don't know about every federal badge out there), but I'd still like to try.

    If you have one I don't, I'll offer to buy it or trade it for a DOL Wage & Hour Division Investigator lapel pin (I have a few extra for trade) if you're interested. PM me or let me know...

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    Trade for patches

    Would you be interested in trading a pin for an old US Customs patch??



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