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    1911 Recommendations

    Well, it is about time for me to purchase my 2007 gun , and I have been itching for a 1911. I am thinking very hard about a Kimber.

    What are your past experiences with various 1911s? Likes and dislikes about each brand? Recommendations?

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    Kimbers are nice, I think better than the average Springfield. However, they are generally more expensive since they don't have many lower end models like SA. Just do your homework about the schwarzt safety they use. Try to get a series one model like the warrior, it doesn't have the extra firing pin safety.

    I went the custom route and got myself a Les Baer full size model. Very sweet.

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    I might not be the best person to ask this question as I am a bit of a 1911 snob. I have two Wilson's and a Les Baer. I also have a Kimber 10mm which will be going to Evolution Gun Works for a reworking. I honestly think that if you can afford one, a custom gun lock a Rock River or Wilson is the way to go, I know that Wilson gives a discount to Law Enforcement as well. Rock Rivers although more expensive than when they first came out are still a good bargain in the custom market. I'm not as much a fan of the new Baers as they are fitted way too tightly for my liking nowadays. Personally, my first choice would be a new Wilson CQB or something similar from RRA like their Elite Commando. My second choice if a new custom gun is too much would be a slightly used custom gun, which will probably not be too much more than a new high end Kimber if you shop around. If a custom is out of reach in either of those cases my personal next choice would be a Colt 1911. I would ultimately want to send it out for some modifications down the road as money permitted, like a checkered front strap for example. Kimbers are ok, but in my opinion way overpriced. I've seen a couple bad Springfields personally, and that is enough for me to not recommend one. I'm not a huge fan of external extractor 1911's but by all accounts Smith and Wesson's 1911 is as good now as Kimber was when they first started. Lastly, although I have no personal experience with them, I've heard nothing but glowing reviews over Taurus's PT1911, 1911. I've heard that they use all tool steel parts and come with a lot of nice little extras for a small amount of money. There you have my $0.02, from someone that's been around the 1911 for a bit and has a lot of money tied up in them.
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    I'll chime in here in favor of Ed Brown. Again, it's alot more than your Kimber, but I'm telling you, that slide is like it's on ball bearings and accuracy is outstanding. Order what you want and stand by. Average wait is 90 days or less.

    I'm now waiting for my second EB, a two-tone Kobra Carry, ambi w/night sights. Sweet!
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    The Springfield, Ed Brown, and Wilson Combat are all very good 1911’s out on the market today. I think the question of which is the best 1911 really comes down to the individual and what he or she prefers.

    I have a Kimber Warrior and truly love the gun, to date it is the best hand gun I have ever fired at the range. The Kimber Warrior was based off of the military version of the 1911 the Marine Special Ops unit uses with just a few differences with the design. It has a great trigger pull and a really nice design too. The only downside to the gun is the fact that it is a bit pricey, I believe right now they are retailing for around $1,000-$1,100 but as far as I am concerned it is well worth the money.

    As far as a Springfield goes I would recommend the Springfield Operator which is another really nice 1911. One thing that I remember about the Operator was the fact that it had a very tight slide, a lot more so than my Kimber. Again this is also a bit pricey as it falls into the price range of the Warrior. Both of the two are definitely worth checking out but if I had my choice I would go with the Kimber.

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    I depends on what flavor you want your 1911, basic, nice or extra fancy. and how much you want to spend.

    I would look seriously at a Springfield MilSpec (Blue or Stainless), not the GI Series, as the Mil Spec series will have a lowered and flared ejection port as well as higher profile sights. I would also look at a Colt 1991 Series (commonly referred to as the New Roll Mark Series). Springfield's Loaded Series are also worth looking at.

    Basic guns like the Springfield MilSpec are good choices as they are reliable and can serve as the base for any custom features you want later. Plus they will not break the bank. Springfield's loaded series are also affordable and a good product as well. Springfield's service is also very good should you need any service.

    Colt is a little more pricey in their base guns, but they are good solid guns as well as being real Colts. Their NRM base guns are very nice. I have both their Govt and Commaner and they were very nice out of the box. They have pretty decent factory trigger pulls and the newer style throating will feed anything very smoothly.

    Kimber has had some mixed reports as of late. I have seen the quality run from good to not so good. Plus I understand that they changed back to an internal extractor after issues with an external extractor. Throw in issues raised about their Schwartz style safety and you have a very expensive gun that has some clouds over its head. I have also heard horror stories about Kimber's service.

    You always have the higher end 1911s which cost a lot and you always hear about how tight they are, however, the barrel to slide lockup is the main factor in inherent accuract, not slide to frame fit. That is how some of the old Colts will rattle, but can shoot 2 inch groups or less.

    Unless you have a lot of money to burn, a good basic or mid model should serve you quite well. With a basic gun, if things are not smooth when you pick it up, they will smooth out after a little shooting. Then too, a trigger job and polishing the feed ramp may be all that it may need, which is still a lot cheaper than the price difference of a custom model.



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