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    Help!!! I didn't pass my panel interview! :(

    What did I do wrong! I wore my best suit, I was nervous but handle it. Answer all the questions, took time in responding the questions, not just opened my mouth and said something just for saying.
    What do I do now?

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    honeslty, it happens to everyone. I've punted a few interviews, it happens to the best of us. You may have given great answers, but others may have given better ones, or more of what the dynamic the city/county/state/federal board was looking for. I know it hurts, and stings but pick yourself up, and think about what you said, and work on saying it better. Every interview I've been in I analyzed what I said, and wrote out better examples and questions (even when I got the job). Don't worry, it could be you had an off day, or they could have been swept of their feet by another candidate. I'm by no means an expert, but it's my .02. Anyways best of luck, gear up for the next one.
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    Do you know for sure it was the interview that killed you? Not everyone that gets an interview gets hired. Even when they know who they want to hire, they still run several through the interview. Maybe the person that got the job had better credentials? I wouldn't beat myself up about, just move on.
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    Even when you don't punt it there is always the chance as DelC notes that someone else did better. Check into reapplying and look at other jurisidictions. As Learning MN advises, you should write down notes about your interview, both questions and your answers. Were there questions where you felt unsure as to what the point of them were? How do your answers look to you now that you have had a chance to look at them and think them over? There is a sticky in the Announcements and FAQ's forum that DelC started about answering those interview questions. You can do a search on "interview preparation" and find additional threads and posts about interviews and techniques that are recommended. Look through some of these, including ones about Federal agency interviews, and then review your interview again. Painful right at the moment but in addition to pre-preparation having had the experience is great. Next time out you have the advantage of having been through it before. You'll still be nervous, but less nervous. It will a more familiar environment and not so much of a new and distracting one. All in your favor.

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    Learn From This Experience

    You received some great advice from fellow board members.

    I would also considering writing a thank you letter to the interview panel (each one individually). Something to the effect of "I wanted to take this time to personally thank you for your time and consideration during my recent interview in reference to the police officer position available within LAPD. Although I was not successful this time around, I am looking forward to making myself more competitive during the interim and reapplying in one year."

    Leave your contact information.

    Keep your head up and chest out!!!



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