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    Question Idaho POST Academy

    I need a little info? I am currently a police officer in the midwest, near the Chicago area. I have been wanting to relocate out West for quite a while. I have noticed a few Sheriff's Deptartments in Idaho (northern.) I know the money is not that great, however, the area is beautiful. Boundary Co. and Bonner Co. Does anybody have any info on these depts. and any information on the POST Academy in Idaho? Thanks.

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    Idaho POST Academy

    If your a certified police officer, you wont have to go through the whole POST academy. My ex brother in law is a deputy in Lemhi County and I will ask him about some of the info you want.
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    I have worked a case with the Boundary County S.O. The undersheriff was a police officer in TX and is a relatively recent arrival. It is very small but they just hired two of their correctional deputies for patrol. They are out on the street and have not yet gone to the academy in Meridian.

    Customs Cop is right if you have been a police officer almost anywhere you will be able to lateral. I looked into the waiver and it is not difficult as the Post Academy is only 10 weeks.

    Both counties are beautiful and affordable. There are a whole bunch of constitutionalist up there, however. County supremacy is big.



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