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    Took the test a month ago!!!!

    Hi everyone, I took the test for missouri corrections over a month ago, they sent me a nice letter telling me I scored an 86 and would be placed on a register for available jobs. when I initially contacted this agency I was told that turn over was extreme and they hire alot. I think I got snowed. I know my score was not the best but I don't think it was the worst either. If anyone has any information about missouri's process I would love some input.


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    Don't count yourself out yet. Like most LE jobs it's not a wham bam thank you ma'am process. Another thing to think about is the economy. It is putting a strain on everything. Here in Ohio the DOC is very short of bodies and they have discussed closing three prisons in the state due to budget cuts. The economy sucks right now. Not to say that it's the same in Missouri just giving you something else to think about. It may not hurt to contact the department and see what their current hiring needs are and how soon they plan on hiring. Good luck to you!

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