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    Lightbulb To gain Access to the Restricted Forums

    The requirements for admittance to the restricted forums are:

    You have to be employed in some area of law enforcement.

    Proof of employment is required; i.e., a letter on dept letterhead listing your LE status and signed by your supervisor, or a scan/photo copy of your dept I.D.

    You can send your proof of employment the following ways:

    1.) By email to; [email protected]

    2.) By fax to 877-572-6087 (toll free). Please send an e--mail stating you sent the fax.

    You will then be sent an e-mail telling you that you have access.

    IMPORTANT – When sending the above info, Please don't forget to include your user name that you use on the board!

    Note: Be advised the Admin Team handles all requests for the Restricted Forum. The Moderators have nothing to do with the Administration of the Board. We only moderate Threads and messages posted in the various forums.
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